Updo wedding hairstyleWith the lead up to your wedding bringing on lots of stress and anxiety - and the pulling, teasing, hair damage and dryness that coloring and styling your bridal look can cause to your hair - don't be surprised if you hair feels worse for wear after the big day.

The good news is, however, that there are some hair care tips that you can try to get the luster back into your locks.

Post Wedding Hair Care Tips

Buy a clarifying shampoo which will cleanse your hair of all the hairspray, hair gel, and shine spray bound to be stuck to your locks from your wedding hairstyle.

Give your hair a break for as long as you can from heat styling with a blow-dryer, hair straightener or curling iron.

Inject some nourishment and boost your stands with a hair treatment that will add moisture to overworked hair.

Shiny, healthy hair For best results when using hair treatments, shampoo your hair to get rid of dirt, apply the treatment and then follow with your conditioner. If your hair is oily apply the treatment to your mid-lengths and ends only. For chemically processed or dry hair, massage the treatment into your scalp to rehydrate your hair follicles.

Enjoy a scalp massage when you're shampooing to encourage healthy hair and to lift out dirt for a cleaner finish.

These post wedding hair care tips should help your locks to recover after your wedding, and help you relax with some well deserved pampering.

To keep your locks in tip-top condition well after your wedding consider adopting a regular hair care routine, such as the one outlined in our article, Daily Hair Care Routine in Six Easy Steps.