Malin Akerman Hairstyles, Haircuts and Colors

Model/actress Malin Akerman always stands out on the red carpet with her icy blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and stunning Swedish beauty. Her hair color is usually a variation of Nordic blonde but she has changed up the style and hue here and there with different results. Here are some of Malin's best and not-so-hot looks.View yourself with Malin Akerman hairstyles. We provide easy "How to style" tips as well as letting you know which hairstyles will match your face shape, hair texture and hair density.

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21 Malin Akerman Hairstyles, Hair Cuts and Colors - Visual Story

Malin Akerman Shag Hairstyle With Light Blonde Highlights

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Malin Akerman is sharing an old-school-looking shag hairstyle that we love! The way in which her hair has been styled with the bangs create a square effect on her face....

Medium Straight Layered Blonde Bob Haircut with Side Swept Bangs

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Malin Akerman always has a smile on her face and with hair like hers, it is not hard to keep that smile! You too can look this happy and gorgeous...

Short Straight Blonde Bob Haircut

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Malin Akerman looks gorgeous on a good day but this short bob is doing her facial features justice. The natural, subtle curls give this blonde look some volume and shape...

Medium Curly Light Blonde Hairstyle

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Malin Akerman looks stunning here in a layered bob that encourages her natural waves and curls to do their thing. This 'do is perfect to compliment an oblong or narrow...

Medium Straight Light Blonde Hairstyle with Layered Bangs

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The ends of this sassy 'do are layered and curled to achieve a wispy look and feel. The hair has been blow-waved into a sleek shape with added volume at...

Medium Wavy Light Blonde Bob Haircut with Side Swept Bangs

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Blunt cut ends and curls encourage movement and body in this chic shoulder length bob. This sassy 'do is perfect to compliment a round face and needs product to pinch...

Long Wavy Light Blonde Hairstyle with Blunt Cut Bangs

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Only soft movement is added to the sides and back of these light blonde locks to help give the over-all style a little bounce and shape. The bangs are smoothed...

Medium Straight Light Blonde Hairstyle

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Long layers are jagged cut all through the sides and back of this medium length 'do to achieve a weightless and wispy finish. This edgy 'do is perfect for those...

Long Wavy Hairstyle

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These blonde locks are left out to fall over the shoulders showing off the loose waves through the back and sides giving this casual look movement and subtle bounce. The...

Long Wavy Hairstyle

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Loose waves are dressed through the mid-lengths to ends of this light blonde mane adding movement and shape best suited to frame a long face. This look is easy to...

Long Wavy Hairstyle

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large loose waves are added to the mid-lengths to ends of these blonde tresses adding plenty of shape and movement perfect enough to frame a long face. The long bangs...

Medium Straight Layered Light Blonde Bob Haircut

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This is Malin with a plain shoulder-length bob in a platinum blonde shade. This formal medium length hairdo is blow-waved smooth from root to tip to achieve a slick and...

Medium Straight Light Golden Blonde Bob Haircut

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Some simple styling can do wonders, and Malin looks amazing in a loose wavy bob with a deep side part. The color is slightly brassy here, but it still works...

Long Wavy Light Golden Blonde and Blonde Two-Tone Hairstyle

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Malin here experiments with hair extensions and a curling wand. The smokey eye/nude lip makeup combo works for her, as does the mermaid look, however the white blonde color is...

Long Straight Light Golden Blonde Hairstyle

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These light blonde locks have only subtle layers cut through the edges to lighten the edge allowing for soft movement for a casual and low-fuss look and feel. This 'do...

Medium Wavy Honey Blonde Hairstyle

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Malin here goes for a dark golden blonde with beautiful results. Her complexion looks warmer and her eye color is intensified. The soft, side styled wavy hairstyle is "tres" chic...

Medium Straight Blonde Hairstyle with Light Blonde Highlights

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This light blonde hairstyle is jagged cut through the ends to lighten the edges and add shape to the front and sides. This low-fuss hairstyle is easy to re-create with...

Medium Wavy Light Blonde and Dark Brunette Two-Tone Hairstyle

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Long layers are cut around the back and sides to allow the ends to flick for a soft look and feel. The front layers are cut to compliment the jaw-line...

Light Blonde and Dark Brunette Two-Tone Pixie Updo Hairstyle

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This straight mane is pulled back and pinned to the head allowing the long grown out bangs to fall to the sides softening the over-all style by framing the sides...

Long Wavy Light Blonde Hairstyle

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This hot blonde 'do is layered through the ends to enhance the soft waves through the mid-lengths to ends. This gives the over-all look movement and a little fullness to...

Medium Wavy Light Golden Blonde Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs and Light Blonde Highlights

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This is a fun layered hairstyle for Malin Akerman. A combination of medium to long layers through the back and sides give this look plenty of attitude and movement.