With this time of year full of gatherings and parties, styling your hair in a new way can be a fun and festive. When you have short hair, however, sometimes it feels like your styling options are limited. To that we say, "No Way!". Giving your short locks a new look is as easy as making two simple changes...

Spice it Up with Texture:

Model with short straight hairModel with short textured hair

Switching up the texture of your hair can give you an instant new look without too much effort. Change your texture by...

Using gel or moulding cream to add spikes and flicks to your short locks.

Scrunching your locks with mousse and a diffuser attached to your blow-dryer to encourage and enhance any natural curls or waves.

Using mini heated styling tools like a straightening iron or a curling wand to make your locks super straight or romantically curly.

Spice it Up with Hair Color:

Model with short green highlighted hairModel with pink and purple short hair

Hair color is super great way to add an instant change without having to change the cut of your short locks. Use these ideas for a whole lot of color fun...

Use temporary color in your hair to dress it up for a party or special occasion.

Spray in color or wash out hair mascara can be used to add multiple colors in lots of different designs if you're creative enough to color your own hair at home.

Clip in color hair extensions that can be trimmed to match your length will provide a dye-free night of color.

Bring out the tones of your hair color by matching your makeup colors. A lipstick or eye shadow that has similar tones to the bright color in your hair can bring out the best in your hair and face.