Even the greatest haircut in the world can get a little boring if you always wear it the same way. And with so many new hair styling products and hair styling tools available on the market today, it's incredibly easy to style your haircut several ways at home, or with the help of a professional hairstylist.

To help give you ideas on different ways to wear your hair, we've put together a range of hairstyles based on one basic cut: medium length hair with uniform layers.


Straight mid-length hairstyleUniform layers are perfect for balancing the shape and volume of your haircut and also help to keep the shape so your look doesn't become messy as your hair grows. This is a great feature for cuts like this mid-length one as the shape is what makes the look so fabulous! To take advantage of the shape, our first hairstyle suggestion features straight hair which can be achieved with a hair straightener at home.



Curly mid-length hairstyleTo inject some glamour into this mid length haircut, curls are the only way to go! Medium sized hot hair rollers have been used in all sections of the hair (including the bangs) to achieve soft, big curls in an even shape (thanks again to the uniform layers!), for an elegant, retro hairstyle suitable for any occasion!



Updo mid-length hairstyleIf you want to get more mileage out of your curly hairstyle, try sweeping your mid length hair into this fabulous updo! The combination of the deep side hair part, side-swept bangs and the curls pulled up and pinned into place creates a fun look that still has a touch of elegance for fancier occasions.



Wavy mid-length hairstyleOur final hairstyle for this mid length, uniform layered haircut is a soft, wavy hairstyle that's just perfect for an everyday look. The side part has been switched (which is a great way to instantly give your hair a makeover), and the bangs and length have been blow-dried to softly flick into waves.


And there you have it! Some very simple hairstyles all based on the same great basic haircut that can give you plenty of new looks.

To try any of these hairstyles with your photo, click on each image for a link to the virtual hairstyle. The hair colors have been changed to a beautiful golden dark blonde using our range of virtual hair colors, which you can also try with your photo or one of our models!