Even the greatest haircut in the world can get a little boring if you always wear it the same way. And with so many new hair styling products and hair styling tools available on the market today, it's incredibly easy to style your haircut several ways at home, or with the help of a professional hairstylist.

To help give you ideas on different ways to wear your hair, we've put together a range of hairstyles based on one basic cut: long hair with layers.



Long wavy hairstyleAdding layers to long hair is the perfect way to inject movement and shape and helps to eliminate any heaviness around the edges of any hairstyle. This is perfect for this great wavy hairstyle as movement, shape and softness through the edges will enhance the waves.


Half Up Half Down

Half up half down long wavy hairstyleFor a casual look with a stylish element, pulling your long layered haircut into a half up half down hairstyle is a great way to go. It creates a soft and relaxed look without requiring you to spend hours styling.



Long hair updoTo take advantage of a great long length, an updo which still allows you to show off your length is a great option. This sleek looking updo is perfect for highlighting your length, and uses a section of hair length around the elastic band securing the high ponytail to create a very stylish finish.



Long straight hairTo really make the most of layers in a long length, styling your hair straight is a must! This gorgeous straight hairstyle with middle part frames the face beautifully and brings out the look of the layers. To help you achieve straight locks, check out our Hair Straightener Tips for Salon Straight Hair at Home article!



Long curly hairAdding curls to long hair creates the ultimate feminine look, and is a flattering style that can be worn by almost everyone. For this impressive curly hairstyle, the layers help to form a soft sitting curl that compliments the volume and provides this very pretty finish.


And there you have it! Some very simple hairstyles all based on the same great basic haircut that can give you plenty of new looks.

To try any of these hairstyles with your photo, click on each image for a link to the virtual hairstyle. The hair colors have been changed to a beautiful dark copper blonde using our range of virtual hair colors, which you can also try with your photo or one of our models!