When your hair color is in need of a touch up but you just don't have time to visit the salon, these hairstyle ideas will keep your locks looking fresh until you can take care of your roots.


Volume Filled Hairdos

Model with dark, volume filled hairAn easy way to get the attention off your roots is to pump some volume into your locks. Hairstyles that keep your locks from sitting flat against your head will help to disguise faded roots. Inject plenty of volume with backcombing tricks and hair rollers.


Hair Part Mix-Up

Model with straight red hairAs your regrowth becomes obvious, mix it up with a change in hair part. If your hair is normally parted on the side then try a centre hair part and vice-versa. The new hair position will show off an area of your hair that normally doesn't get attention, and hide the areas where your color is in need of a touch up.



Blonde model with updoAn updo can do wonders for color weary locks. First of all it puts the underneath sections of your hair on display (which won't be in as much need of a color refresh as your top layers) and it also pumps volume into your locks and draws attention away from your roots.



Model with wavy brown hairOur final hairstyle idea to keep your hair looking good between color touch ups is a wavy hairstyle. Regrowth can be very obvious on flat, straight hair, but waves can play down your grown-out color by putting bounce and hair texture into your strands, making the most out of faded or non-uniform hair color.