If you've got an event filled day with a date in the evening to follow, use these easy hair and makeup tips to take your look from day to date!

Sassy Short Hair

Short hair is the perfect length for a quick and easy style.

Michelle Williams hairstylesMichelle Williams hairstyles

For an easy day look, take your inspiration from Michelle Williams and give your hair a wash and then let it dry naturally. Keep your makeup light with skin smoothing foundation, a touch of peach blush, nude lips and just a few light coats of mascara to define your eyes.

To spice up your locks for your date, use some lightweight hair styling products to smooth your locks into a neater finish. With your hair sorted, enhance your complexion with a flush of pink blush on the apples of your cheeks. Dress your eyes up with a few more coatings of black mascara and then finish your simple yet stunning look with a glossy coat of pink lipstick.

Long Wavy Hair

If you have a natural wave, or time in the morning to set your hair in some rollers then consider adopting these two great looks from Miranda Kerr.

Miranda Kerr hairstylesMiranda Kerr hairstyles

For a chic day look, use a middle part and glossy waves to dress your hair up and finish off with some light pink lipstick and eyeliner smudged eyes.

To then create a beautiful evening look, switch to deep side hair part to give your 'do a sexy side-swept look and your waves more bounce. Complete the makeover with red lipstick, a good dose of blush, some pink eye shadow and plenty more mascara to bring out those lovely lashes.

Casual Bun to Pretty Plaits

If you've got long hair that has some nice natural hair texture and movement to it, copy these looks from Paris Hilton for your day to date styles.

Paris Hilton hairstylesParis Hilton hairstyles

For your day look, take freshly washed or damp hair and style it into a loose bun. The bun will help add some movement to your hair later when you wear it down. Keep your day makeup plain with a nice foundation base, some blush and lightly applied eye shadow and sheer lip gloss.

To impress for your date, let your hair loose and add a pretty plait or braid to one side of your head behind your ear. This look is stylish without being over the top and shouldn't take long to achieve. You can then up-the-ante on your makeup by taking your shadow to a darker shade and adding some eyeliner and mascara for eye definition.

Ponytail Fun

If wearing your hair back is your style of choice then these two ponytail options from Selena Gomez are for you!

Selena Gomez hairstylesSelena Gomez hairstyles

The day look should be simple with a classic pulled back ponytail. Leave strands out around your face and focus on your eyes with some heavy eyeliner and lots of mascara and even some fake lashes if you have them. Finish with some bronzer for a sun-kissed healthy glow, and peach-tinged lipstick.

For your date look, aim for a peaches and cream complexion and a subtle winged cat eye look and pretty pink lips. Tie the look together by taking your back ponytail and side-styling it to bring it front and centre. These looks work well for any hair texture, but the curls around the face add a nice touch of softness.

To see how you'd look with any of the hairstyles pictured in this article, click on the above images to try the virtual hairstyle with your own photo!