With retro hairstyles being very on-trend right now there are plenty of great examples to use for inspiration when you're after a glamorous look. As with any look, however, there are some do's and don'ts to keep in mind if you really want a successful old Hollywood hairstyle. Check them out below.

Do Define Your Waves

January Jones hairstylesMadonna hairstyles

Soft waves are one of the defining characteristics of a truly beautiful retro hairstyle. If you are going for waves then ensure that they are big, glossy, soft and make an impact. You want them to be the centre of attention like January Jones' look (left), not fade into the background like Madonna's (right).

Do Polish Your Updo

Emma Stone hairstylesAmy Adams hairstyles

How much better does Emma Stone's classic bun look compared to Amy Adams' loose, beehive-esq style. The key to a great retro updo is a polished finish that lets your hair shine. Not a strand should be out of place, and loose, casual locks are a big no-no. Make sure your hair is polished to perfection and your bangs or the front sections of your hair are side-swept for the ultimate retro glamour updo finish.

Don't Overdo the Styling Products

Kendra Wilkinson hairstylesWendi Mclendon-Covey hairstyles

Yes, it would be such a shame if your lovely big curls and carefully crafted face-framing strands fell flat before the night is over, but ensuring your locks stay put by overloading your hair with styling products is not the answer. It'll make your curls look unnatural and could leave a visible slick around your hairline - just ask Wendi McLendon-Covey (right). For your retro look, take your cue from Kendra Wilkinson (left) and use products that won't leave any residue in your locks.

Don't Forget the Red Lipstick

Miley Cyrus hairstylesMeagan Good hairstyles

If your hair has a retro flick to it, make the look even more memorable with retro makeup, in particular red lips! If your hairdo doesn't scream retro, then teaming your look with red lipstick will. Just compare the curly 'dos from Miley Cyrus (left) and Meagan Good (right). Both are retro-inspired and both have some lovely black winged eyeliner (a retro makeup classic!), but Miley's finish with the red lipstick beats Meagan's nude lips any day of the week.