There’s nothing worse than spending your morning applying makeup only to have it fade by the end of the day. If you find that this happens to you, there are some beauty tips that you can try that will help you to keep your makeup in place.

Create a Great Base

Model with short brown hairWhat will keep your foundation, blush and eye shadow from fading as the day goes on is smooth, hydrated skin. If you don’t already have a skin care routine in place, try the basics of exfoliating your skin at least once a week so that it’s flake free and applying moisturizer every day. If applying moisturizer before your makeup, let it sink in for 5 to 10 minutes first.

To enhance on your great base, a makeup primer will give your makeup extra lasting power, and fill any fine lines so your makeup goes on much smoother. Use one after you moisturize and let it sink in, or get an all-in-one primer that includes a moisturizer to shave some time off your makeup routine.

Choose the Right Products

Makeup brushesMakeup products that will work with your skin type will not only apply better, but will also stay put for longer. Powder makeup is also the type of makeup that will give a longer lasting result. Cream products can slide off easily, especially if the weather or environment you’re in is too warm. Try powder or mineral based formulations, which nowadays come in blush, eye shadow, foundation and even lipstick options.


Prep Your Eyelids and Lips

Blonde model with makeupIf you find that your eye shadow is non-existent by the end of the day or that your lippy has worn off by lunchtime then give them a helping hand and apply a specific eye and lip primer.

A regular face primer can also do the trick, as will a cream concealer or sheer foundation applied lightly before your eye shadow and lipstick is added.


Apply Your Lipstick Right

LipstickPiling on your makeup is more likely to lead to a look reminiscent of a clown (or Christina Aguilera) and won’t necessary guarantee that your makeup won’t fade. When it comes to lipstick, however, the key to keeping it on is layering. Apply one coat, blot it off with a tissue and then apply another layer and repeat the process until the level of color that you want is achieved. Applying your lipstick this way builds up a stain on your lips that will last longer than one traditional coat or a few heavily applied coats.