A curling wand is similar to a curling iron, but makes it much easier to create loose, relaxed curls and waves in your hair, no matter the length. To find out the best way to make use of this fantastic heated styling tool, check out these hair tips!

Model with blonde curly hair Glove up! A curling wand gets very heated, and as it doesn’t have the clip which holds your hair in place like a traditional curling iron, you’ll need to hold your hair in place with your hand. The glove will help protect your skin. If your curling wand doesn’t come with a glove, check out your local beauty supply store or look for one online.

To make it easier to curl your hair, and to get a professional looking finish, divide your hair into sections when working with the wand.

Remember that you don’t need to keep your hair in the curling wand for any longer than 4-8 seconds, 10 at the most. Curling wands get very hot, especially if they are made from ceramic materials. They also don’t take long to form the curl in your hair, which also makes creating a curly style relatively fast and easy.

Model with curly red hair Curls created with a curling wand tend to form and hold for longer, so if you want a more relaxed curl, brush your fingers through your curl as soon as you’ve released the section you’re working on. If you leave shaking out the curls until all of your hair has been styled then you may end up with a much more defined style than you wanted.

If you want small, tight curls, wrap your locks tightly around the smaller end of the wand. For larger, looser waves or curls, wrap your hair around the full length, starting at the thick end, with plenty of space between the curls.

Most curling wands come with the ability for you to set the temperature. If you have fine or damaged hair, opt for a low setting. If you have thick hair or naturally curly hair then you can use the higher settings. Either go by the manual or experiment with the different temperatures to determine what’s best for your locks.

Model with long black curly hair If you haven’t bought a curling wand yet then look for one made from ceramic or tourmaline. They heat evenly, which gives a better curl and allows for less styling time and chance of damage.

When it comes to prepping your hair, use a heat protector styling product to reduce heat damage, and a light weight product such as mousse. The last thing you want is crunchy curls, so keep the styling product application to a minimum.

If you’re a regular user of your curling wand, don’t forget to nourish your tresses. Make serums and hair treatments a part of your hair care routine so your curls will always look fabulous.

Don’t forget to look after your curling wand too. Regularly wipe down your curling wand with a damp cloth (after it’s cooled) to prevent styling product residue build-up.