Regardless of whether your dull locks are caused by the natural state of your hair or daily styling wear and tear, we have some solutions that will solve this common hair problem, right here!

When Styling Your Hair…

Model with glossy brown hairIf you envisioned glossy locks for your next party or event but your strands have decided to stay shine free and dull, then break out the heat stylers. Dull strands occur when your hair cuticles are uneven and can’t reflect light. The key is to make them smooth and flat so they can reflect light.

Run a straightening iron over your strands for a straight look. Or wind curls through a hair curling iron if you want to enhance natural curls or create a wavy look. The heat will encourage your hair cuticles to lay flat, give you more streamlined and styled finish, and should give your shine enhanced, dull-free strands.

Hair tip: don’t forget to protect your tresses with a heat protection product, and to finish your style with shine spray for an added glossy touch.

When Caring for Your Hair…

Model with long glossy blonde hairYou can boost dull locks by washing your hair with shine-promoting products. Look for shampoos and conditioners labeled as shine enhancers, or for products that contain dimethicone, which is silicone that promotes shine.

You can then build on the shine factor with glossing sprays and serums that will inject lightweight silicone right into your strands. If you have fine hair then opt for the sprays, other hair types can work a small amount of product through the lengths to smooth the strands and up-the-ante for a light-reflecting finish.