Model with long blonde hairWith so many lipstick options available today, it can be very overwhelming when you’re in the makeup department trying to choose the right shade. What looks great on the lipstick tube or the promotional posters hanging everywhere might not look so great on you when you get it home. If this sounds familiar, then take a look at the following advice and use it to help you choose the right lipstick shade.

What to Consider…

The most flattering lipstick shade will ideally match your skin tone and work well with your eye color and hair color. These three factors are what will help you to determine the right lipstick choice.

Skin Tone

Model with bobAs a general rule, if you skin tone is on the light side, try lipstick shades that are red, plum, medium brown, pink, beige, mocha and shimmery pinks.

For those with a deeper skin tone, warm browns, caramels, coffees and deep pinks are a good choice.

If your skin tone is on the olive side, give brownish reds, plums, dark berry shades and chocolate tones a try.

Eye Color

Those with brown eyes will get the most benefit from lipsticks that are red, brown and pink.

For blue eyes, look for pinks and anything beige-tinged.

For green eyes, orange, red or brown.

Hair Color

Model with black wavy hairIf your hair is blonde than the lipstick shades that will help you to bring out the best in your hair hue is anything light in the pink, plum, red, coral and mauve families.

Brunettes should opt for warm reds, pinks, lilacs and brownish-tones.

Redheads, give glossy bronzes, oranges and sheer beige and brown-reds a try.

For black hair, bold colors such as raspberry pink, red, coral, berry and bright plums will give your hair color some pop.

To see how you'd look with the salon hairstyles pictured in this article, click on the above image to try the virtual hairstyles with your own photo!