However, it can be easy to get stuck in a styling rut if you have Asian hair because let’s face it, it takes lots of effort and money to add curl or hair color to it. Many Asian women add body through permanent waving or doing it themselves with hair rollers or a curling iron. It used to be very difficult to lighten black hair, but now there are tons of color products made especially for black hair so you can go crazy with color if you want to! For some style ideas, check out our gallery of hairstyles for Asian hair below:

Model with two-tone hairOur model shows us how to rock a funky cut and color. This short layered hairdo is tapered around the sides and back, with some longer layers by the nape of the neck. Bold red tones look fabulous in Asian hair, and here we see a unique way to place them—at the roots only.  Ask your hairstylist for help with this one!


Nichole Bloom hairstylesStarlet Nichole Bloom makes the most of her long, glossy locks by adding large waves. These look like they were created by hair rollers, but if you like this style and want it more permanently, visit a salon for a chemical wave. Nichole’s hair color has been slightly lightened to a dark espresso brown.


Nan Zhang hairstylesHere, Nan Zhang adds subtle waves to her glossy locks, and finishes it off with a zigzag hair part and cheekbone length layers around her face. The rich black color looks amazing with Nan’s skin tone and large eyes.