If you were born between January 20th and February 18th, you are lucky enough to be born as an Aquarian. People born under the sign of the water bearer are known for being unconventional, intellectual and more than a little aloof! They often have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances but they tend to keep a cool distance from everyone, except for a small group of trusted close friends. Aquarians are truth seekers and will have a million interesting stories to share with you. Combined with their witty and charming disposition, this makes a water bearer person very coveted in social circles.

The Aquarian woman in particular can be identified by her lively, electric nature. She is one woman that can turn heads without even trying—there is just something different about her! Appearance-wise, water bearer women will be on the tall side and have a distant, dreamy look in their eyes. The hair is usually blonde or brown with eyes that are green, blue or grey. The hair will have a silky appearance and is straight in most cases, and their foreheads tend to be high and/or wide. They have fabulous arched eyebrows too. These women don’t really have a signature hairstyle or look because they love change. They can go from looking like a polished princess one day to a beatnik hippie the next, and pull each look off with ease. One thing is for sure though—an Aquarian’s hair always turns heads!

Women water-bearers are known for their eccentric beauty and upbeat personalities. Aquarian women are instantly recognizable by their high foreheads, wide-set eyes and that extra ‘something’ that sets them apart from the crowd. They often dress and style themselves in a ‘bohemian’ manner, but are nonetheless glamorous. Take Jennifer Aniston, for example. She is consistently rated as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women thanks to her distinctive features. She is also a fan of the bra-less look- you can’t get more bohemian than that!

Here are some other famous Aquarians that have found the perfect hair for their unique faces. If you are an Aquarius, you may want to try these looks out for yourself. 


Chloe Grace Moretz Casual Updo Hairstyle

Chloe Grace Moretz is the perfect Aquarian here with her eccentric hairdo and facial expression! Chloe’s oval face shape looks great with this quirky ‘do, that can be created by first adding waves to the hair, then making a bun on the side. The layers left down in the front give this up-do a cool and casual feel—which is exactly what the Aquarian ladies are all about. 


Kerry Washington hairstyle with Layered Bangs

Kerry Washington is another Aqua woman that knows how to work her features. Kerry has the typical high Aquarian forehead to contend with, but this long fringe balances out her face superbly. Her sleek, layered haircut is a gorgeous choice for Aqua ladies as they love modern, futuristic looks. The jagged layers and eye-skimming fringe brings out their fabulous bone structure and they’ll love the trendy look of this hairstyle. This is a versatile cut that will work with Aquarius’ need for change on a daily basis. Wear it up, down, curly or straight!


Mena Suvari Bob Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

Mena Suvari is a true hair chameleon, which is so typically Aquarius! She’s had brown, black, blonde, red, shaved, long and short hair, and never falls into a style rut. Here, she is flaunting a more classic look for Aqua ladies—a shoulder length bob with a long side-swept fringe. This is a great haircut to downplay a large and/or broad forehead while bringing out those electric Aquarian eyes. Water Bearer women are also known for their fabulous shoulders, so any shoulder-skimming hairstyle is a winner.


Rebel Wilson Long Straight Hairstyle with Blunt Cut Bangs

Rebel Wilson is working her long, silky locks here that really show off her Aquarian nature. The typical Aquarius will have silky smooth hair, which looks fantastic in a simple long hairstyle with bangs. Rebel’s hair has been softly layered to make the most of her hair texture and create an overall soft and feminine look. Her arched bangs look fabulous with her face shape and are a great way to camouflage a high Aquarian forehead.


Oprah Winfrey Medium Curly Hairstyle

Like many Aquarius women, Oprah started her empire based on her humanitarianism and gift of the gab! Here, she is looking polished and professional in a typical unconventional Aquarian way. Her hair has been curled into corkscrews away from the hairline, creating a gorgeous look that sweeps the hair off her face and creates a fresh, open look. This is one ‘do that professional water bearers may want to try out.


Ariel Winter Long Wavy Hairstyle

Ariel Winter is a dark-haired Aquarian beauty who jazzes up her straight locks with curls and braids. Here, she is wearing the classic Hollywood waves that are usually seen on the red carpet, but she adds a twist in the typical Aquarian way to stand out from the crowd. In this case, it’s a beautiful braid across the hairline, which brings all of the focus to her face. Water bearers have a great forehead and eyebrow area so ‘dos like this should be used to show them off.


Portia De Rossi Formal Wavy Half Up Hairstyle

Portia De Rossi is another water bearer woman with great eyebrows and a high forehead that adds to her look. This short curly hairstyle works well with her face shape and features, while adding extra volume and body to her silky straight hair. The large corkscrew curls that cascade across her forehead and the braids on the opposite side make the perfect ‘do for those Aquarian women who like to wear funky hairstyles with a twist. 


Shakira Half Up Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

Shakira is the archetypical Aquarian here with her eye-catching blonde locks styled in a modern goddess-like hairdo. Like most Water Bearer women, Shakira has a high, broad forehead so her side-swept bangs suit her face perfectly. Her wavy hair looks loose and effortless styled into a low braid, with a few layers framing her face. This hairstyle is an ideal choice for Aqua ladies as it is feminine with just a hint of that bohemian look that they love so much. Bonus points go to Shakira for the blue and silver dress—these are excellent colour choices for Aquarian women.


Mena Suvari Long Straight hairstyle

Mena Suvari has had some crazy hairstyles in her day, including a shaved head, but this light blonde long, layered style looks fantastic. Subtle waves have been added to her layers with a centre hair part to finish it all off. Mena has the high Aquarian forehead, so a long side-swept fringe wouldn’t go amiss.


Kelly Rowland Long Wavy Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

Kelly Rowland's long wavy hairstyle and eye-skimming fringe looks fabulous on her angular face shape. This feminine hairstyle adds softness and bounce, not to mention the long bangs draw attention to Kelly’s electric blue eye shadow!


Ellen DeGeneres Short Straight hairstyle

Ellen DeGeneres embraces her quirky beauty with this super funky, short hairstyle. This spiky layered cut is edgy and unique and brings all the attention to Ellen’s famous ice blue eyes.


Whatever hairstyle an Aquarian chooses, they will always make it their own in some way. They are often the ones to wear trends before it catches on with the mainstream crowd, especially when it comes to colour. These women are individualists and love funky looks, and are constantly updating and evolving their style. As you can see, Aquarian women always look polished and trendy regardless of the occasion. From casual to formal, these ladies will always find a way to be different or stand out from the crowd.