The right hair color can give you a look that compliments all your features, brings out the best in your haircut, and gives your hair a shiny, healthy look.

The wrong hair color, however, can be complexion draining, overshadow an otherwise great haircut, and give you head-turning attention - for all the wrong reasons - as some of these celebrities show.

Hit and Miss

Blonde Hair Color
Jennifer Aniston hairstylesKatharine McPhee hairstyles

The key to a great blonde hair color is choosing the shade that will flatter your complexion. Jennifer Aniston does just this with her color, which is a mix of blonde shades designed to work together to look natural. The way-too-light platinum blonde hair color that the naturally brunette Katharine Mcphee sports, however, gets it wrong on all levels.

Brown Hair Color
Ashley Greene hairstylesAlanis Morissette hairstyles

As brunettes know, brown hair is great for shine, and this hair color from Twilight star Ashley Greene is a fantastic example of a really nice, healthy looking brown hair color that's full of shine. The brown hair color from Alanis Morissette, on the other hand, uses a range of dark and light brown shades to create a brown hair color that's not healthy or shiny looking at all!.

Red Hair Color
Ashlee Simpson hairstylesTyra Banks hairstyles

Red hair color looks sensational when it's vibrant, and this beautiful red tone from Ashlee Simpson creates a great contrast for her light complexion. But as demonstrated by Tyra Banks, a red hair color that too closely resembles your complexion can fall a little flat.

Mariah Carey hairstylesKelly Clarkson hairstyles

Although chunky highlights will always be a very popular look, a more subtle highlighted look, such as this one from Mariah Carey, creates a flattering impression and lightens the hair in a soft and natural way. Kelly Clarkson's blonde on brown chunky highlights date her hair and lightens her complexion in a very aging way.

Two-tone Hair Color
Kaley Cuoco hairstylesIsabel Lucas hairstyles

As Kaley Cuoco shows with her blonde on top and brown on the bottom look, a two-tone hair color can be lots of fun!. The same look reversed from Isabel Lucas though, is very much an unflattering mish-mash of color which gives the impression that she hasn't been to the salon in a very long time.

Alternative Hair Color
Katy Perry hairstylesLil Kim hairstyles

Although an all over alternative hair color should only be tried by the very brave (and perhaps only in wig form), there's something about this electric blue color from Katy Perry that we'd love to try out. On the other hand, the same look in purple by Lil Kim verges on tacky, so alternative hair colors may be a look best left to the celebrities!

Did you agree with our hit's and misses for these hair colors? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below!