No matter the type of party, a new hairstyle that compliments the occasion is a must! Find your perfect party hairdo with these inspiring celebrity hairstyles...

Jenna Elfman - Short and Sassy

Jenna Elfman hairstylesThis is one for the ladies with short hair. This sassy side swept 'do from Jenna Elfman is full of tapered hair layers and jagged cut ends which create a funky, fresh finish that is perfect for salon straight hair. This look would suit any type of party and is the perfect length for showing off some glitzy earrings.


Jessica Alba - Elegant Updo

Jessica Alba hairstylesIf the party you're attending is on the formal side, then an elegant updo such as this stylish one from Jessica Alba is a great look to re-create. It'll work best in long hair, but if your hair is medium length then you can achieve a smaller version with less height and volume, or get the extra length using clip in hair extensions.


Yvonne Strahovski - Tousled Waves

Yvonne Strahovski hairstylesWhen you want a party look that is casual yet chic, tousled waves are the answer! This fantastic looking 'do from Yvonne Strahovski uses waves made with the help of a curling iron, but if you've got a great natural wave then encourage it with some hair scrunching. Regardless of how your waves are achieved, make sure to keep your hair free from frizz for a flattering finish.


Kaya Jones - Side Styled Ponytail

Kaya Jones hairstylesFor a quick and easy party hairstyle that is also easy on the eyes, why not give this side styled ponytail from Kaya Jones a try? This look can be re-created in either long or medium length hair and only requires you to pull your clean length into a ponytail and then ensure it drapes over your shoulder on one side. It's simple and looks really stunning.