Young women can go for bold, bright, matte red lips paired with heavy black eyeliner and platinum hair and still look good. Older women…not so much. The same goes for the Old Hollywood vixen look that is so popular-a liquid cat's eyeliner and blood red lips doesn't have the same effect on a more mature face. So, when you are in your fifties and sixties, what's a woman to do?

Patricia Clarkson hairstyles

Patricia Clarkson shows us all the right moves when it comes to wearing "the red lip" when you're over 50. The first thing to consider is the color-get rid of the fire engine red shades and instead go for richer, deeper tones like Patricia's wine red shade. The next thing to remember is that mature lips have less moisture in them, so they need an extra hit of gloss and shine to look supple. Find a lipstick formula that has some sheen to it or add a touch of lip gloss to the centre of the lip when you have finished applying a créme formula. Do not go for lip stains, matte lipsticks or chalky, cheap formulas.

Finally, copy Patricia's look and pair your red lipstick with minimal eye makeup and cheeks that are sporting a fresh glow. Use a warm peach shade if you have golden undertones, or a soft rose if your complexion is cool.