If stunning definition is the type of look that you want for your eyes then you just can’t go past the appeal of a good eyeliner.

To give your eyes a touch of glamour, and to help you make the most of this great makeup product, we’ve put together some great eyeliner tips that will give you stunning eyes in no time!

Eyeliner Tips

Model black eyeliner Glitter eyeliners are great for adding a subtle sparkle to your eyes. Just remember to steer clear of teaming them with sparkle eye shadows, however, to avoid an eye sparkle overload.

Eyeliner can be used to help shape your eyes. If your eyes are too round then you can flatten them out by applying eyeliner to your top lashes only. It will give you a more elongated appearance.

Get into the beauty habit of sharpening your eyeliner after each use. Not only will this help to keep your eyeliner tip nice and hygienic, it will also ensure you’ve always got a sharp tip to work with, which will result in a much more defined finish.

To make creating a smudgy, smokey eye easier, run the tip of your eyeliner pencil under hot water for a few seconds or warm the tip up with your blow-dryer. The heat will soften the pencil for a deeper smudge.

Another great smokey eye tip is to smudge your eyeliner around your eyes in tiny circular motions. It will give you very natural looking finish.

If you find that your eyeliner breaks when sharpening, harden it up by placing it in the fridge for a few hours. Just remember to let it soften before using it on your eyes though.

Model black eyeliner Eyeliner can be applied to either the outside of your eyes or the inside rim, and we recommend trying both options to see which one you prefer. Just keep in mind that applying eyeliner to the inside rim can make your eyes appear smaller.

If a wider appearance for your eyes is what you want, use white colored eyeliner to line the inside of the bottom rim of your eyes. This trick will also give you fresher, younger looking eyes too.

If you’re using a liquid eyeliner, ensure that you keep the line thin and don’t extend it past the natural corner of your eyes for the most flattering finish.

If you find that you have trouble lining your eyes properly, try to keep your hand as steady as possible by leaning your elbow on your bathroom cabinet and then add your eyeliner in a series of dashes. Add one dash at the inner, middle and outer corners of your eye and then join the dashes together.

We hope these eyeliner tips will help you to create some gorgeous looks.