Like any good hairstyle, a good set of bangs do require a little styling work to ensure they look good, which is when these styling tips come in handy!


For a Flat Fringe

Full flat bangs A flat looking fringe starts with your cut. Make sure your bangs have weight in them by having them cut as long as you can stand to wear them.
When styling, use a small hair brush to pull your hair down while you blow-dry your strands into place. Run the brush from root to tip for added smoothness and staying power.
To keep your flat style in place for longer try wearing a flat headband or scarf over your bangs at night to keep them held down.


For Bangs with Bounce

Flicked Bangs Add a slight curl to your bangs using your hair straightener. Just turn your hair iron slightly as you reach the ends to create a light curl.
If you’re blow-drying your bangs then use a small radial brush to hold the ends of your hair in a curled position while you apply heat with your blow-dryer for a few minutes and then release.
Flick out your bangs using a small radial brush to curve the ends of your hair backwards as your blow-dry, or a use a hair straightener in the same motion.


For Definition and Style

Braided bangs Use mist-in products like hairspray and shine spray if you’re wearing your bangs across your forehead to give your hair lots of shine and to keep them in place.
For a funky look, use hair gel and wax to separate and define the hair strands in your bangs.
Braid your bangs and then pin them back into your hair for a modern princess look with plenty of pizzazz!


To see how you'd look with any of these bangs click on each image to try the virtual hairstyle with your own photo!