Like all hair types, medium to thick hair has its good and bad characteristics. To know how to make the most of your locks when it comes to hairstyles, how it will work with hair color, and what products to choose, take this advice on board.


Model with short brown hairModel with brown curly hair

One of the advantages for medium to thick hair is that as far as hairstyles are concerned, you should be able to wear almost anything! If you’re worried about the bulk of thick hair, however, then use layers to cut down on the bulk and to get your locks under control.

Hair Color

Model with long black hairModel with curly blonde hair

It can be tough to color medium to thick hair, especially if your hair is also coarse. Ensure you take the appropriate steps to get a great color result by seeing a professional hairstylist and having your hair colored at the salon, or by leaving any at home hair color on for the appropriate amount of time. When it comes to choosing a hair color, look to your skin tone for the most flattering shade.

Hair Products

ShampooHair products

Medium to thick hair can be prone to hair frizz or the thickness can make your locks look unruly so any hair products that are going to combat frizz and keep your locks looking smooth are the options to try. Give serums and products that contain silicone a go, and if you’re not already, use shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments designed for thick hair.