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Nicole Kidman Hairstyles

Nicole Kidman hairstylesNicole looks great as usual; this time her hairstyle is long, tousled and close to its natural hair color. This kind of tousled hair works well as both a casual and more dressy hairstyle- it all depends on your outfit.


Taylor Swift Hairstyles

Taylor Swift hairstylesHere Taylor Swift matches her hair and dress perfectly. Her elegant updo hairstyle shows off her earrings and is the perfect complement to her strapless frock.


Jessica Harp Hairstyles

Jessica Harp hairstylesJessica wears a striking and eye-catching red hair color. This warm red, combined with her long wavy locks, gives her a healthy glow. Try red hair coloring yourself for something a little different.


Shakira Hairstyles

Shakira hairstylesShakira's hairstyle is a great example of the high updo trend. It shows off her face well and, as you can see from the photo, it's another great option for formal occasions.


Queen Latifah Hairstyles

Queen Latifah hairstylesQueen Latifah's hair is all about her prominent side-swept bangs. Angled bangs like these suit round and square faces and higher foreheads. For more bangs hairstyles tips check out our article “Bangs Hairstyles and Their Benefits.”


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