Curling wands are ideal for creating lovely loose waves and beautiful tight curls. To enjoy a fabulous curling wand hairstyle, follow these steps.

Curling Wand Styling Steps

To get the best results, start with dry hair that is a day old (i.e. washed the day before). This will help your curls to form and stay longer in your hair. If you have really frizzy hair or natural curls that may stop you from getting a nice curl with your wand, consider straightening your hair first so your strands are smooth and flat.

Model with long curly hair 1 Pull your hair back like you’re going to put it into a half up half down hairstyle and pin the top sections out of the way.

2 Take the loose, lower sections of your hair and divide them into manageable sections. If you want tight curls, create at least 6 sections. For looser waves or larger curls, divide your hair into 3 or 4 sections.

3 Use clips to pin away all sections except for the first section that you want to work on.

4 With your first section ready, lightly spray your strands with a heat protection spray, add a touch of mousse or use a small amount of curl enhancing product. Whichever is your preference.

5 Hold the section out from your head and put the base (the thick end) of the wand as close to your roots as possible and then wind the section of hair around the wand until you reach the point (the thinner end) of the wand.

6 For tighter curls, wrap your hair tightly around the wand. For looser waves/curls, wrap your hair loosely and space it out along the length of the wand.

Model with wavy hairHair Tip: For a natural looking finish, take one section and wrap it around the curling wand towards your face. With the next section, wrap the strands away from your face. Continue wrapping your hair around the wand in alternate directions until all of your hair is curled. The different directions will create a curling look that isn’t too structured or defined, resulting in a finish that looks much more natural.

7 Hold your hair in the wand for up to 10 seconds. If you have fine hair or are only wrapping small sections of hair, you may only need to keep your hair in the wand for 5 or 6 seconds. Because curling wands get so hot, they don’t take long to form a curl. Remember to mind your fingers/hands and use gloves to protect your skin.

8 Release the end of your hair from the tips of your fingers and then gently pull the wand from your hair. Don’t unwrap the curl or you’ll damage the shape.

9 For extra staying power, coil the curl back to your head and then gently pin it in place and allow it to cool while you continue curling the rest of your sections. Pinning your curl back also keeps your curled sections safe and out of the way while you continue styling.

10 After you’ve curled your bottom section, move to the top sections of hair, leaving the areas around your face until last.

11 Once you’ve curled each section and your hair has cooled, gently remove the pinned away curls and shake your hair loose.

12 Check that each section is curled to your liking and then touch up any curls that need it.

And there you have it! A beautiful curly hairstyle with the help of your curling wand.