Everyone knows that 'blondes have more fun" and brunettes are the more trustworthy and sophisticated lot of the bunch, right? Well…maybe not all the time!

Even though there really is no proven truth to these statements, we still make assumptions about people based on their hairstyle, color, texture and even the parting. Yes, that's right—the way you part your hair gives others a glimpse into your personality. So, what does your part say about you? Find out below!

The Straight Centre Part

Kim Kardashian hairstyles

A precision part in the centre indicates that the wearer is ambitious, business-minded and a bit of a control freak! Straight, centre part women always like to leave the house looking like a million bucks and are a force to be reckoned with in an argument. A sharp centre part is also a sign of an attractive and strong-willed woman.

The Messy Centre Part

Ashley Olsen hairstyles

If you like to rock a messy centre part like Ashley Olsen, then you are a free spirit with an artsy, bohemian edge to you. Messy centre part women want to show their individuality and uniqueness but they don't want to look like they try too hard. This bed head-esque look shows you are a rebel at heart and you aren't afraid to work your natural sex appeal. *Note: to have an actual bed head has a very different meaning…that just shows that you can't be bothered to do your hair in the morning! Keep it groomed like Ashley for best results.

The Precision Side Part

Hoda Kotb hairstyles

If you like to work a stick straight side part, then you are a responsible, sophisticated lady who will be taken seriously in the workplace….if it's on the left side that is! That's right—subconsciously, we view people with left-sided parts are being more left-brained: logical, intelligent and serious.

On the other hand, women with parts on the right hand side are seen as more creative, artistic and caring. This would be an excellent parting for women who work in the caring or creative professions—nurses, designers, musicians and artists, make sure your part is in on the right!

The Messy Deep Side Part

Kimberly Caldwell hairstyles

Women with jagged, messy deep side parts, regardless of what side they sit on, are seen as trendy, artistic, edgy and young and/or immature. This is a look that is often seen on fashion models and never on executive types, so it's not one to choose if you want to move up the corporate ladder. This part says "party girl college student" more than anything so if you've got the youth and the attitude, go for it!

No Part

Tina Majorino hairstyles

Women with no part are seen as calm, balanced and confident. To not have a part in your hair means that you prefer hairstyles that sweep back off the face, and therefore like to be the centre of attention in all situations! Women with no parts are also seen as classic beauties with a timeless sense of style.

Was your hair part description accurate?