We all know that our hair color makes a certain impression on people. For example, blondes are seen as light-hearted and fun, brunettes more serious and sophisticated, redheads fiery, and black-haired ladies exotic. But did you know that our haircuts also affect how people see us? That's right—your haircut may be saying more than you realize!

Long wavy hairstyle

The bottom line is that you should always wear a hairstyle that suits your face shape and sense of style, regardless of what others think. After all, it's more important to express your uniqueness than to conform to other's opinions. However, it is helpful to know on a psychological level what certain hairstyles mean to you and other people. This is especially true if you are looking to change your hairstyle to look more sophisticated, business-like, younger/older, trendy, edgy…you get the idea. Check out these interesting facts below and see how others view your current hairdo!


Naturally Curly

Women who have curly hair and flaunt it in its natural state are first and foremost seen as low-maintenance and easy going. They exude a sense of confidence in their own skin and have a reputation for being trustworthy and successful in the workplace.


Long wavy hairstyle

Just like their curly-haired counterparts, ladies with wavy hair are seen as approachable, down to earth and cool. Loose beachy waves give off a bohemian, free-spirited impression, while more glamorous waves say that you are trendy without being vacuous.


Both men and women alike rate straight hair as the ideal hair texture. Straight hair signifies the wearer is affluent, glamorous and desirable. It can, however, make women appear more unapproachable.



Jennifer Hudson hairstyles

Short hair can be viewed many ways depending on the style. A funky, short cut signifies confidence and individuality (see Jennifer Hudson), while more dowdy short cuts signify someone who is less fashionable and feminine than other women.


Medium length hair signifies intelligence and a well-balanced personality, but it can have many different connotations depending on the style. For example, a blunt shoulder length bob is the classic sign of an ambitious and fashionable career woman, while a softly layered 'do is someone is who is more of a dreamer than a doer.


Long hair has long been associated with femininity and beauty, but thanks to the popularity of hair extensions, it's no longer an exclusive 'do reserved for those who have the patience and good hair genes to pull it off. Long hair is still seen as ultra-glam and sexy, but there is also a trashy side to long hair as well if it looks too damaged or fake.


Of course, every hairstyle will look different depending on who's wearing it. But here are some interesting facts that were noted through various surveys:

Wearing pigtails or braids makes you look juvenile and immature, rather than girlie and cute.
Brightly colored hair will make others think you are quirky, creative or just plain weird!
A short, choppy bob shows that you're professional yet trendy and creative.
Ponytails are a sign of humbleness. If you wear one often, you're the type of woman who likes to blend into the background.
Heavy eye-skimming fringes show a confident woman with an artistic streak.
Ultra sleek hair shows a perfectionist at heart, and someone who wouldn't leave the house without looking flawless (a.k.a. high maintenance).
Messy buns and topknots signify a woman who can't get it together, is lazy or just plain disorganized.
Side-swept bangs show an ambitious person who is career focused and reliable.

These findings aim to show how we respond to hairstyles on a subconscious level. Do you agree with these common stereotypes? And are they enough to make you re-think your hairstyle?