If you're always styling, cutting or coloring your hair the same way, give yourself a fresh look by breaking these hairstyle rut habits.

Hairstyle Habit: Styling Your Hair the Same Way

Break It By: Doing the Opposite!

Model with long blonde hair

If you usually wear your hair up, wear it down! Cascading curls? Go for straight strands instead. Style your hair in a completely different way, or learn to incorporate one new hairstyle a week and you'll be pulling off a different look and boosting your confidence.


Hairstyle Habit: The Usual Hair Color

Break It By: Opting for Something New!

Model with brunette hair

If you always color your hair the same tone, try a different one. It doesn't have to be crazy opposite, just a shade or two darker or lighter than your usual can give you a subtle refresh that revitalizes your look without a drastic change. If you want something a little punchier, give highlights a try. Put them around your face for a flattering touch, or add random, colorful sections through different areas of your locks for something different.


Hairstyle Habit: The Safe Trim

Break It By: Trying a New Type of Haircut

Model with short trendy hair

If your salon visit solely consists of you getting your ends trimmed, and that's it, then it's time to put some life back into your locks. Ask your hairstylist for a haircut that will work with your hair type, inject some movement into your locks and make it easy to style your hair. Once you've got a cut like that, you'll wonder how you ever got by on just trims alone!


Hairstyle Habit: Styling with the Same Old Tools

Break it By: Upgrading Your Styling Tools

Model using a curling iron

If you've been using the same blow dryer for years, opting for a newer model will make a huge difference to your styling. Same goes for tools like curling wands and hair straighteners. Technology changes could make for a great new look and get you out of a same-old, same-old funk.