The red carpet might be the place for celebrities to promote their latest endeavors, but for the rest of us watching from the sidelines, it's also a great way to see the latest hair color trends and decide what we should copy and what we should avoid!

Two-Tone Hair Color

Elle Fowler hairstylesErica Monique Atkins-Campbell hairstyles

Copy: a subtle two-tone color mix. This look from Elle Fowler (left) is a great way to add some interest to your hair using color, and gives a much softer finish than traditional contrasting two-tone hair color looks.

Avoid: drastic color combinations. Unless you love to draw attention to yourself and your hair (á la Erica Monique Atkins-Campbell, right), using color combinations that result in a very obvious two-tone finish should be avoided this season.

Solid, One Tone Hair Color

Mila Kunis hairstylesSuzanne Rogers hairstyles

Copy: vibrant, shine filled color. A solid hair color, especially if it's a dark hue, is primed for a shine inducing finish. Mila Kunis (left) knows this and has used it to her advantage.

Avoid: flat, dull color. If your solid one tone color lacks lacks shine, switch your hair hue or get some shine enhancing styling products into your locks to avoid a finish in the vein of Suzanne Rogers 'do (right).


Tricia Helfer hairstylesSkylar Laine hairstyles

Copy: subtle highlights in complementing colors. Highlights are very in right now, and the trend is moving towards highlights that will blend into and enhance your hair color, as seen here on Tricia Helfer (left).

Avoid: contrasting highlights in various shades. Highlights that are really obvious and/or feature a multitude of tones (as shown above right on Skylar Laine) look great if you're going to a party, but for a finish that will look good all day, every day, avoid this look and opt for the copy option.

What do you think about these hair color ideas? Will you be copying our favorites and avoiding the others?

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