Even with the best hairstylist on board, some celebrities can walk the red carpet with a look that's less than stunning, as these looks show.

Jennifer Morrison's Bad Braid

Jennifer Morrison hairstylesBraids continue to be popular this year, and so they should! A braided 'do is a very feminine and pretty way to upstyle your hair...when done correctly! What not to do is follow Jennifer Morrison's lead and produce a chunky braid. Something thinner, softer and flatter against her head would have looked much better and less like an awkward headband.

Miranda Lambert's Highlight Horror

Miranda Lambert hairstylesWhile we're all for adding highlights to your hair, there's just something about this look from Miranda Lambert that just doesn't work. It could be the blonde and copper color combination, the chunkiness of the highlights, or the fact that she's color matched her highlights to her lipstick and dress - whatever the reason - the result just doesn't work and looks instantly dated.

Nicola Roberts' Very Over The Top Volume

Nicole Roberts hairstylesAdding volume to fine locks is a must, but adding so much volume that your hair doubles in size means you end up with a result like this. It's not very flattering for Nicola Roberts, and wouldn't be for anyone else. Learn from her styling mistake and keep the volume in check the next time you're spicing up your curls.

Anne Hathaway's Short Shocker

Anne Hathaway hairstylesFor some celebrities, going from long to short is like a breath of fresh air and totally reinvigorates their look, and if they're lucky, starts a trend that everyone else follows. Then there's the change in hair length that just doesn't work. Anne Hathaway's foray into a short pixie crop is the most recent celebrity chop to take on that title.