Makeup, when applied correctly, can give you a fantastic look. When it's applied incorrectly, however, the finished look can be disastrous. It can also make you look older than your years.

Darby Stanchfield hairstylesDarby Stanchfield hairstyles


One such example is shown above in these two images from actress Darby Stanchfield. In the first image, this 41 year old actress makes all the makeup mistakes that make her look older. Heavily applied makeup, the wrong color choices and a flawed application. On the right, however, she looks years younger and has a youthful glow thanks to some better color choices and a lighter application approach. If you don't want to end up in the same older-than-your-years situation, keep the following makeup mistakes in mind...

Not Applying Enough Foundation

While caking on makeup is a sure-fire way to add the years to your look, one area where you should ensure you have at least some coverage is on your skin. A light covering of foundation or a tinted moisturizer is enough to even out your skin tone, hide dullness, ruddy skin and cover up shine. A nice coverage will also liven up your skin and make it appear smoother, younger and give it a healthier glow.

Not Blending Your Blush

A touch of blush on your cheeks is the key to a youthful, pretty glow no matter your age. And by a touch, we mean a flush or hint of color, not clearly marked circles or stripes down your face. Apply blush either to the apples of your cheeks in a sparing, well blended manner, or add a light sweep up along your cheekbones.

Applying Dark Lip Liner

Lip liner is a great addition to any makeup look and will help you achieve a great lipstick finish. What isn't a great look is lip liner that is darker than your lipstick color. This dated trend will age your look and the darker shade can also make fine lines around your mouth more pronounced. Stick to lip liner that matches your lipstick and don't line too far outside of your natural lip line.

Overloading on the Concealer

Slathering on concealer in an attempt to cover up the fine lines around your eyes will actually end up making them worse. The concealer settles into the lines as it dries. Your best bet is to ensure that the eye area has been plumped up with a good eye cream before applying just enough highlighting concealer to cover any dark areas. The luminosity in the highlighting eye cream will brighten up the area, and using it sparingly over well moisturized skin will help stop it settling into your fine lines and wrinkles.

Forgetting Your Eyebrows

Hair in the eyebrows can thin when we age, and sparse brows will do your look no favors. If you don't already, ensure that you fill in your brows with eye shadow or eyeliner that closely matches your brow color. You should aim for a well-defined shape, but don't go overboard. You don't want your brows to look unnaturally dark. Just enough color should be applied to ensure they are seen and frame your eye subtly.