Makeup isn't just for adding a splash of color to your face. It can be used to help you enhance and make the most of your natural features, including correcting any mouth or lip problems with some simple tricks.

Flat Lips

Kate Hudson hairstylesIf your lips are flat like Kate Hudson's then you can push your lips forward using a dark lipstick in the outer corners of your mouth and a paler one in the middle of your lips. To finish, add some highlighter at the center, top and bottom to create an even plumper appearance.


Wide Lips

Jessica Biel hairstylesTo balance a large mouth, à la Jessica Biel, apply some foundation over your lips and then add powder to fill and cover any natural line. Next, take a lip pencil and draw around the shape of your lips just inside your natural line and stop short just at the corners of your mouth to create a cupid’s bow. To finish, use a dark-toned lipstick to reduce your lips prominence.


Button Lips

Drew Barrymore hairstylesThe button mouth, as seen here on Drew Barrymore, is recognizable from it’s neat but small shape. A more generous size through the help of lipstick will put this lip shape on show. You can do this by simply extending your natural lip line with lip liner and lipstick applied just beyond the corner of your mouth.


Ageing Lips

Diane Keaton hairstylesTiny lines around the mouth as your skin ages can pose a problem as your lipstick is likely to ‘bleed’ into these lines. To correct, and have a great finish like Diane Keaton's, apply some foundation and powder over your lips and then blot away the excess. Next, outline your lips with a lip pencil and then use a tissue to soften the lower edge of your bottom lip. A medium toned lipstick can then be used to fill in the gaps.


Thin Lips

Carrie Underwood hairstylesThin lips, like Carrie Underwood's, need to be given curves so add some lip liner on the outside of your natural lip line and then smudge until the line is just visible. To fill in your lips you’ll need matching dark and a pale lipsticks. Apply the darker shade to your lower lip and the paler shade to your top lip, making sure that both colors cover your lip line and leave no hard edges.


Uneven Lips

Heidi Klum hairstylesIf you have lips where one side does not match the other, particularly on the top lip (like Heidi Klum), then use a lip pencil to outline your top lip, making it so both sides match up, and then smudge the line to eliminate any hard edges. A medium toned lipstick will fill in the new shape that you created nicely and help to even out your lips.


Unbalanced Lips

Rachel McAdams hairstylesSometimes, the size of the lips is unbalanced. To correct a thinner top lip (as pictured on Rachel McAdams), apply light toned lipstick on the outside of your natural lip line and then fill in your lower lip with a lipstick in a darker tone. This will make your top lip seem larger and reduce the thickness of your lower lip.


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