Creating a different look for the office, a party, a wedding or the weekend doesn't have to be a time consuming chore. In fact, it can be quite easy when you have a haircut that makes it a cinch to give your look on new lease on life simply by adding versatile texture, volume, or by styling your hair up.

Short Bob Haircut
Model with short blonde bobModel with short blonde textured hair

Our first double duty haircut is the versatile bob. The reason why bob haircuts are such a popular hairstyle is because they always look great and that an easy change in styling can give you a whole new look. For these two options, a simple straight hair texture and glossy locks creates a look perfect for the office or a formal occasion (above, left). To change it up, hair volume and raking some styling wax through the hair strands is all that is needed to create a funky party perfect 'do (above, right).

Mid-Length Layered Haircut
Model with medium length curly hairModel with medium length half up curly hair

Adding hair layers to a mid-length cut is the ultimate way to inject life into your strands, especially if you have natural curls or waves. For these two looks, the layered haircut (above, left) helps to give volume and definition to the curls and still keeps them looking great and defined when the hair is styled into a simple yet stunning half up half down hairstyle (above, right).

Long Length Uniform Haircut
Model with long blonde wavesModel with long blonde straight hair

Those who don't have layers to spice up their locks and prefer a uniform haircut can still get a versatile look by making the most of their hair length and mastering some great hairstyling techniques. Using a side hair part and a large barreled curling iron to add curls to your long length is a great option for a party (above, left). For a more relaxed, weekend look try straightening your uniform cut and then mixing it up with a zigzag part and a pretty plait (above, right).

Short Asymmetrical Haircut
Model with short two tone hairModel with textured short two tone hair

The final double duty haircut takes a great short asymmetrical haircut that has been freshly washed and straightened with a hair straightener to achieve a clean looking fuss-free hairstyle (above, left), and then shows how easy it would be to take this look from a day to night hairstyle by adding some backcombing at the roots and a good dose of moulding cream to create height, strand definition and texture (above, right).