Tricia Helfer built her career being a statuesque blonde bombshell, but now she is turning heads as a smouldering brunette. Looking every inch the screen siren in a jade dress and light, modern makeup, Tricia was certainly rocking her new color with ease.

Tricia Helfer hairstylesHelfer has fair skin with warm undertones, so her choice of warm chestnut brown hair looks amazing with her complexion and eye color. Her top layers are a deep chestnut color that fades into a warm golden light brown. The style is long, loose and layered which works well with her oblong face shape. Overall, Tricia looks modern, youthful and sophisticated here.

Tricia Helfer hairstylesBack in Tricia's blonde days, she was sporting a warm golden blonde shade that also suited her skin tone and eye color nicely, but it gave her a completely different look.

As a brunette, Tricia looks less "Hollywood" and more sophisticated. Did she change her hair color to have a chance at the more serious roles rather than playing the sexy blonde all of the time? In any case, we think the new color looks fab.

What is your verdict on her hair color-is she better as a blonde?

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