We've all had some haircut disasters- I know I certainly have! Over the years I've come to learn that the best way to get over a disaster, like a haircut disaster, is to talk about it. Why? Because when you talk about something, you're standing back and thinking about it; and when you're thinking about it you're starting to move on.

Haircut Disaster 1: Short Haircut Gone Bad

This haircut disaster happened when I was in my 20s. Hot on the heels of a short hair fad at the time, I decided to get a micro bob- which is basically a really short bob with sides that ended about halfway down my ears.

The problem was that with my heart shaped face, the micro bob haircut- since it ended about level with the top of my cheeks- really drew attention to my cheek bones and accentuated my pointy chin. I looked awful, like a pointy-faced helmet-head.

In hindsight I realize that I should have chatted with my stylist about whether or not this short haircut would suit my face shape. I was just in such a rush to get that hairstyle I didn't think to ask- and my stylist didn't say anything either... What a mistake.

Hiarcut disasters

Haircut Disaster 2: A Razor Cut Made My Hair Frizzy!

You thought I would have learnt from my ill-fitting bob, but no. You see, I've put on a bit of weight in the last few years, and I'm not getting any younger, so I decided to "brighten" things up a little with a razor cut.

Now I knew from my short haircut disaster that face shape is an important consideration with new haircuts, but since I wasn't getting anything drastic- I was just hoping the razor cut would create a little more wispiness- I completely forgot all that face shape stuff.

A disaster ensued.

My hair has a slight natural wave, which meant that the razor cutting technique made my short hair extra wavy- frizzy in fact! Slicing my hair with a razor made it lighter, and since it was lighter it was way more curly. When it was over and I looked in the mirror I nearly died. With my rounded-out heart shaped face (since, like I said, I've put on a little weight in my middle age) my fuzz-ball short haircut made my face look even rounder- and me look even fatter.

So the lesson is ALWAYS ASK about whether any haircut change will suit. And don't wait for your stylist to raise the alarm either.

Haircut disasters

Haircut Disaster 3: Limp Then Layered

Yes, another haircut disaster. This one happened because I didn't really get a hairstyle suitable for my hair type- which is quite fine. Following in the footsteps of Gwyneth Paltrow's bob haircut, I decided to try something similar, but with bangs.

It looked great in the salon, but after a week or so and a couple of washes, I hated it. My new bob looked limp, lackluster and lifeless. I just couldn't get any body in my new one length bob haircut.

Then, on my friend's recommendation, I found a great new stylist and they had the solution. Stacks of layers were added to increase the height of my bob, and with the right styling technique (also suggested by my new stylist: volumizing spray on damp hair, blow-dry with a large round brush), I easily got the volume I was after. Layers saved my limp hair.

I guess the lesson from my haircut disasters for all of us is this: arrive at your salon more prepared, with lots of questions about the suitability of certain hairstyles (You might also want to try our free hair consultation "Find Your Perfect Hairstyle.")

Haircut disaster

If you have any haircut disasters, go ahead and add them below. It's therapy...