As long as you feel like your hairstyle's trendy then nothing else matters. Your clothes, your shoes, your accessories become unimportant because you have the confidence of a trendy hairstyle. A trendy hairstyle is something that's in fashion but not yet mainstream. Fashionable hairstyles are everywhere but trendy hairstyles are more cutting-edge. Trendy hairstyles are different to cool hairstyles too. Cool hairstyles depend on who's wearing them, meaning any hairstyle can be cool if the wearer has the confidence to make it work. But trendy hairstyles are trendy regardless of the wearer. Trendy hairstyles are the kinds of hairstyles that are just about to be hugely fashionable.

Finding a trendy hairstyle can require a little bit of thought and research. Your usual process for coming up with haircut ideas should be to do a hair consultation, critique your current hairstyle (this will give you a starting point for what you'd like to repeat or improve), do some informed research in magazines and hairstyle databases, and have a good chat with your hairstylist (for more detail take a look at our article “Haircut Ideas and Where to Find Them”). Your research for a trendy hairstyle will be pretty much the same, but bear in mind that trendy hairstyles are usually less about how flattering they are for your face shape and other personal features and more about their cutting-edge value.

We've picked a few hairstyles that are trendy right now. See what you think.

Taylor Momsen: Extra Long Wavy Hairstyle

Taylor Momsen Long Wavy Casual Hairstyle

A hairstyle set to pick up steam is Taylor's and the trendy thing about it is that it's just a little bit longer than you'd expect. We're not talking hippie long, like down to your rear end long, but we are talking a good six inches longer than what's currently fashionable. Taylor's medium length layered hair has shape around the front with large waves styled to add extra fullness and body. Don't be put off by the thought that long hair is really hard to maintain- just stick to good quality hair styling products and be a little bit more gentle than usual. For more long hair styles tips see our article “Long Hair Style Life Lessons.”

Rihanna: Undercut

Rihanna Short Straight Alternative Black Undercut Hairstyle

You probably remember undercuts on adolescent skater kids in the early 90s. River Phoenix may even have had one too in his later years... Anyhow they're back. Undercuts basically involve cutting the hair at the back and sides really short and allowing the longer lengths on top to hang over. Rihanna is pictured here with a version of the undercut and in this example she's chosen to use quite a bit of product to achieve serious height on top.

Sarah Harding: Rockerbilly Undercut

Sarah Harding hairstyles

The Sarah Harding undercut is an other trendy hairstyle at the moment. Sarah's is a little bit different from Rihanna's (above) in that it doesn't have the same uniform shortness all around the sides and back. This one's a little tamer that Rihanna's more punk undercut (and Jodie Marsh's too). Sarah's hairstyle results from the combination of a middle-aged librarian's hairstyle, Billy Ray Cyrus' mullet, a punk hairdo and Sharon Stone. It's definitely trendy right now.

Kate Hudson: Sun Drenched Tousled Hair

Kate Hudson hairstyles

The hairstyling media is awash with articles about what they're tipping to be the next big thing in mainstream hair fashion: sun drenched and tousled hair, or what's more accurately referred to as disheveled or “laid-back locks.” The tousled look has been in and out of fashion, but the difference this time around is an emphasis on the “just got out of bed” appearance. It's especially cutting-edge and trendy at the moment because hairstyle fashion is just coming off the end of a sleek and sharp bob

Agyness Deyn: Short Black Hair (Bowl)

Agyness Deyn Medium Straight Alternative Hairstyle

Agyness has had her short black hair for a while now but it's still a trendy hairstyle yet to catch on and become fashionable. Irina Lazareanu has also been spotted with the same haircut, which is basically round in shape kind of like a bowl. Give it a try if you have a square face shape, and remember that black hair color is good for most complexions but tends to accentuate imperfections in the skin.

Amelle Berrabah: Tapered and Gelled Bob Hairstyle

Amelle Berrabah hairstyles

Amelle's short bob hairstyle is kind of like the end result created when the bob meets the undercut- another trendy hairstyle at the moment (see Rihanna above). The reason is because the use of gel on the side, as well as tucking the hair behind the ear, creates a flatness on the sides similar to the effect of the undercut. In Amelle's case the flat side of her short tapered bob also creates a rounder proportion overall and, with the side part, highlights her cheekbones and makes her longer face seem a little wider. 

If you like what you see above you've still got some time to try one of these trendy hairstyles yourself before they possibly become well and truly mainstream. Have a chat with your hairstylist and see what they think too.