Getting a cool hairstyle is easy... and hard too. I'll tell you why. There's no such thing as cool hairstyles really. Everything's cool if you make it that way. So it's easy for a hairstyle- or anything for that matter- to be cool, but it can be quite hard to make it cool.

Before I explain how you can have cool hairstyles, let me give you an example of what I mean when I say “everything's cool if you make it that way.” Think back to when you saw some retro fashion item for the first time- say Rayban Wayfarers, or skinny high-waisted jeans. You probably thought it looked terrible, right. And it probably does, but I bet the fashionista you spotted leading the trend was making it work.

Hairstyles are the same. Cool hairstyles depend on who's wearing them- their attitude. But like I said, making something cool can be quite difficult. Why? Because it's up to you; I mean, you need to have the confidence, the positive attitude (not arrogance) to make your hairstyle cool. You don't want to walk down the street thinking your cool- that's not cool- but what you want to try and do is just be confident and not worry if others are criticizing you.

Here are some celebrities who have managed to do just that:


Rihanna Short Straight Black Undercut Hairstyle

The jury has been out about whether Rihanna's crop is a crazy or cutting-edge short haircut, and most people seem to agree that she's gone a little too far with her shaved dos. For many critics Rihanna's been trying a little too hard... but everyone does agree that her hairstyles don't really detract from her appeal. She wears her hair well because she's a cool cat, and she'd probably make anything look great.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Short Wavy Hairstyle

Johnny's signature top-heavy cut harks back to schoolboy hairstyles from the early 90s, but he pulls it off (in fact he is repeatedly voted one of the sexiest men alive). The reason the page boy look suits him: he's cool to the core. Sure, you can tell he puts some effort into his style, but it's obvious he doesn't go overboard. And it's clear too that he doesn't really care if you like his hair anyhow.

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks Long Curly Hairstyle

Hairstylists often agree that Tyra misses the mark with her hairstyles. They say it's too big, or too bold, or the wrong color or too heavy looking. But heck, who really cares at the end of the day because Tyra's a bit of a legend really. Nothing seems to phase her, she's uber successful and super down to earth. In a word, Tyra's cool and she makes any hairstyle cool (despite how bad they look).


Madonna Medium Curly Casual Hairstyle - Medium Golden Blonde Hair Color with Light Blonde HighlightsI

f you look at her long and hard enough, there's always something a little bit wrong about Madonna. Her hair often looks a bit... like it was a mistake. And then there's her roots. What's with those? If she wasn't Madonna she'd be a train wreck. But that's the whole point: she is Madonna and you have to look really close, really close, before you realize her styling faux pas. Successful, confident and cool: Madonna could do anything and wear any hairstyle and it would look great.

These celebrities have got the cool attitude down pat. In all honesty, their hairstyles are usually pretty bad, but they're comfortable and positive and the end result is cool. It's not that they don't care what other people think, as that would be obnoxious, it's more that negative opinion doesn't phase them. As a result, they could make anything work.

Try a cool hairstyle yourself.