In the search to find the right look for you, there are some must have haircuts that everyone should try at least once. Check them out here and then give them a go when you're ready for a new look.


Model with blonde bobBob haircuts have been around for years and don't show any signs of retiring to the hair history hall of fame anytime soon. Mainly because they always look great and can be modified to fit into any trend. Whether they're worn curly or wavy, sleek and straight, long or short, they guarantee a flattering finish. If you've never had your hair cut into this type of style before, make an appointment at your salon ASAP.


Model with a layered haircutAnother type of cut that shows up every year is anything involving layers. The most popular layered style to emerge in the last few years has been long layers through the mid-lengths and ends, as shown here, and made popular by Jennifer Aniston. Layers through the ends of the hair makes the cut more wearable for a range of hair types and just simply looks fantastic when locks are shiny and straight.

Pixie Cut

Model with short haircutIf you're daring enough to wear short hair, one of the must try cuts just has to be a pixie. Perfect for those with petite features, the pixie looks timeless and can be dressed up and down for any occasion, making it a very versatile look. The short nature and messy texture of the look also means styling is a breeze.


Model with bangsIf hair length is something you don't need to update, then the next best option for a mini-change is adding bangs to your look. Full, blunt bangs, eye-skimming bangs, side-swept bangs, layered bangs and mini bangs are just some of the bang options you can choose from today. If you've never tried bangs, or haven't worn them for years, see your stylist today to discuss the options that you can try and enjoy a fun new look with minimal effort.