The red carpet is always a place of glamour, sophistication, and the best hair and makeup in Hollywood. On occasion though, there are mishaps that occur, much to the embarrassment of some of Hollywood's top celebrities. Whether it's bad makeup application or a hairstyle gone wrong, the "beautiful people" are not immune to getting it wrong from time to time. With that in mind, let's check out the most recent hairstyle mishaps, direct from the red carpet.

Patricia De Leon hairstyles

At first glance, Patricia De Leon looks radiant. Her bright coral lipstick and rosy cheeks looks amazing with her flawless complexion, and her hair looks super healthy and glossy. And then, you notice "the strand". Did she forget to take out an extension? Is this a modern take on the Eighties 'tail' craze? Or is the "side strand" simply a trend that hasn't caught on anywhere else yet? No one knows for sure, but in the meantime, this distracting 'do will be known as a red carpet hairstyle fail.

Sara Gilbert hairstyles

Sara Gilbert loves to flaunt her natural assets, including her curly espresso brown locks. We love Sara's no nonsense approach to hair and makeup, however this hairstyle is looking more frazzled than fabulous. The pokey ends and frizz factor clashes with the soft natural curl in Sara's hair and just ends up looking odd. Some good finishing products are really all that is needed to fix this style though; a small amount of pomade worked in throughout the hair would've smoothed it all out and pulled it all together.

Jennifer Grey hairstyles

Here, we see Jennifer Grey suffering from a similar hair malfunction. We've got curls, waves, kinks and straight bits all in one 'do. As you can see, trying to incorporate too many textures into your hairstyle will make it look unfinished. Jennifer looks like she left the house with wet hair, which may be ok for running errands around town, but not ok for the red carpet! To correct this problem, a smooth blow dry is in order. Or, a curling iron would do the trick if Jennifer wanted to go for an all over curly or wavy look.

Jennifer Elise Cox hairstyles

And finally, Jennifer Elise Cox was caught sporting a hairstyle fail at a recent event. Her over processed blonde locks were not a good look to begin with, but the lack of styling made it even worse. First, let's deal with the color. It's always a good idea to have some lowlights in blonde hair for this very reason—if not, your hair will end up looking very flat and unnatural. Plus, it will really bring out the red undertones in your skin if you have any.

Next, the style. Jennifer's fringe looks choppy (not in a good way) and could really benefit from some soft layering. The rest of her hair lacks style and definition, and the flipped over part just isn't working. Maybe Jennifer didn't have time to get ready, which happens to all of us at one time or another, but nonetheless this is still a red carpet hairstyle fail!