Bangs can really make or break a good haircut, so it's important to do your research if you want to add bangs or modify your existing ones. The right fringe will depend on your face shape, your overall hairstyle and of course, your fashion sense. But with so many options to choose from, there is definitely a fringe out there that is made for you.

Having a fringe can really make or break your look, depending on your hairstyle and face shape. The wrong bangs can be unflattering and add unwanted pounds or years on, while the right bangs can do just the opposite and give you a youthful flair. Every face shape has its own "perfect" fringe style(s), so if you don't know yours then check out this handy list below. As a general guide, follow these tips to get the perfect bangs for your face shape:

Oval: You can pretty pull off any kind of bangs, but the best look for you is a longer, choppier thick fringe. A straight across blunt fringe also looks especially nice

Round: Long side-swept bangs are your best bet, but you can also rock a blunt, straight fringe as long as you keep it eyebrow length or longer.

Square: Keep your bangs light and wispy for best results, and never go for a super short, straight fringe. Instead, go for a long side-swept fringe, or a full-on fringe that is arched in the front.

Heart: Short, side-swept bangs are your best bet, but you can also go for a straight fringe as well- just keep it on the shorter side.

Oblong: Keep your fringe straight across, layered and light for best results, or with a prominent arc shape to reduce any boxiness in the face. You will also look great in a longer eye skimming fringe

Heart: Can pull off straight across or long side-swept bangs the best.

Triangular: Long, side swept bangs are suitable for this face shape.

Bangs can really transform your look and hide a multitude of flaws, but only if the right kind are chosen. Fringes are definitely in this season so if you aren't yet rocking some bangs, now is the time to do so! Now that you know what to look for, check out the latest hairstyles with bangs below as seen on the red carpet.

The Long Arched Fringe

Lea Michele Long Straight Hairstyle with Bangs.

Lea Michele has recently transformed her hairstyle with a fabulous long arched fringe that is perfect for her square face shape. This style of fringe looks great with medium to long hair that has been layered just like Lea's. Ladies with a straight hair texture will find this style of bangs easy to deal with, while those with curly or wavy hair will have to add more styling time into their routine. If you want a sexy, fashion forward look that brings out your eyes and hides a high forehead, this arched eye-skimming fringe is for you.

The Short Jagged Fringe

Carly Rae Jepsen Medium Straight Hairstyle with Bangs.

Carly Rae Jepsen has really transformed her look here with a vibrant red hair colour and of course her short jagged bangs. Carly has a heart shaped face which goes with a short fringe nicely. Carly's bangs are slightly arched with jagged edges to match her layered wavy 'do and provide and edgy finish. This fringe style will go well with any hair length from long to short, and will work with a straight or wavy hair texture the best. This fringe may need a bit of styling time to get them to sit nicely, as short bangs can be a bit difficult on some hair types!

The Straight Across Fringe

Regina King Straight Bob with Bangs.

Regina King is working a chic pageboy bob here with a sharp straight across fringe. This flatters her oval face shape and strong cheekbones nicely, not to mention it creates a gorgeous frame for her eyes. These bangs will look fabulous with any hair type from a short bob to long hair, and is suitable for straight hair textures. To make the most of this fringe, choose a glossy monochromatic colour like Regina's espresso brown locks for best results.

Vintage Vixen

Taylor Swift Medium Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs - Vintage Vixen

Taylor Swift's hair and makeup is so perfect here she almost resembles a mannequin. She's nailed the subtle vintage makeup look with black cat's eye liner and cherry red lips, and her hair is the icing on the cake. Taylor's bob is a gorgeous golden blonde shade now and her soft waves really highlight the sheen of her hair. Her long bangs are swept to the side and also have a slight wave to them. Stunning!

Faux Fringe

Jenna Elfman Short Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs - Faux Fringe

If you have a grown out fringe like Jenna Elfman, why not create a faux fringe for the night? All you need to do is make a deep side part in your hair and sweep the front section of your hair across the forehead. If your hair is very long, you may need to use a pin to hold it in place. Jenna has added some funky waves to create body in her hair but this 'do would look just as good sleek and straight too!


Rita Ora Futuristic Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

Rita Ora shows us the classic Cleopatra bob here with a twist. The twist being short blunt bangs with longer chunks throughout. This is one fringe that is not for the shy or timid! But ladies with an edgy and fashion-forward sense of style can pull this off without a hitch. To get this fringe you will first need to grow your bangs out to your eyes, then have your stylist cut them short and blunt except for a few strategic long pieces.

Super Sized Side-Swept

Hayley Marie Norman Medium Wavy Hairstyle with Super Sized Side-Swept Bangs

Here, Hayley Marie Norman is flaunting the classic side swept fringe. She has used quite a large section for her fringe however, with the result being a super sized fringe! Women who love a sexy peek-a-boo effect to their bangs will want to try this one out. Ask your stylist for a long side swept bang that ends at mid-cheek length for best results. To style, use a large round brush to get a voluminous curl just like Hayley.

The Face-Framer

Sharon Osbourne Short Straight Hairstyle with Face-Framing Bangs

Here we have the classic face-framer fringe, as seen here on Sharon Osbourne. This is a classic bang that is layered closely around the face to create a frame around the eyes. These bangs work especially well on shorter cuts like Sharon's, and they also tend to work on hair that has some natural wave or curl to it, rather than stick straight hair.

The Soft Side-Swept Fringe

Taylor Swift Formal Updo with Bangs.

Here we have Taylor Swift modelling a gorgeous soft side-swept fringe that blends in with her medium length hairdo seamlessly. This is the ideal fringe for ladies with a bit of curl or wave in their hair as it will work with your natural texture and flatter your face. This is another style of fringe that will suit any hair length from long to short, and is especially good for ladies who want a bit of forehead coverage without full-on bangs.

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi Short Hairstyle with Bangs

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi is making the most of her heart-shaped face with a short, layered side-swept bang. This fringe blends in flawlessly with her tapered haircut and creates a gorgeous frame for her eyes. This is one style that heart shapes with short hair may want to try out.

Zendaya Coleman Medium Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs

Zendaya Coleman looks super sassy in her eye-skimming arced fringe that blends in with her shaggy bob. This look draws all of the focus to her eyes and cheekbones while camouflaging a high forehead. This fringe works well with her diamond face shape and delicate features.

Lea Michele Long Straight Hairstyle with Bangs

Lea Michele has a square shape to her face and has chosen an appropriate long, wispy bang to flatter it. Lea's bangs are lighter in the forehead area and become heavier around the sides as it blends in to the rest of her layers. This is a great way to rock bangs with long hair without looking too overwhelmed or "boxed in".

Mina Rica Medium Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs

Mina Rica has chosen a short, blunt fringe to flatter her round face shape. Usually a longer length would be more appealing here, but Mina's dark and dramatic locks give her that Twenties inspired flapper look and pulls it all together. The tips of her fringe have been jagged cut which matches her layered wavy 'do and breaks up the bluntness of her bangs slightly.

Arden Myrin Long Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs

And finally, Arden Myrin is working a fabulous fringe here that is suited to her oblong face shape. This eye-skimming fringe is lighter in the front and arcs down into short, face framing layers. This creates a rounder shape to the face and minimizes any extra length or squareness that oblong faces can have. Her soft waves work perfectly here and add an overall softness to her look.

These are just a few hairstyle ideas for bangs for different face shapes. Check out for more style ideas with bangs and see which suit you best!