When it comes to creating a curly hairstyle, many of us imagine a finished result that can only be described as a fabulous cascading curly 'do worthy of envy-inducing attention. More often than not, however, we end up with a look that is more frizzy or flat than fabulous.

If you're determined to get that dream curly hairstyle though, then we've got two easy tips that should help you get there. All it takes is a little hair preparation...

Preparing Your Hair for Curls

Model with long curly hairThese tips are for when you’re adding curls with a curling iron or hot hair rollers.

Blow-dry your hair. While it may seem odd to blow-dry your hair before curling, especially as blow-drying tends to straighten out your locks, that’s exactly why you need to do it! Blow-drying will prep your strands so they are smooth and tangle free, which is the perfect base for creating a curl. It will also make sure your hair is completely dry as any hint of moisture will cause your curls to frizz.

Coat your hair with heat protection products. Hair styling products that will protect your hair when you’re using heated styling tools is always a requirement, but when curling with hot rollers that will stay in your hair for a few hours, or with a curling iron which requires you to wrap your strands around a very hot tool for a good few minutes means it’s absolutely essential! If you don’t protect your strands from the heat then you’ll risk damaging your hair and causing split ends. Heat protection products will also help you to create a smoother and longer lasting curl so it's win win.

So there you have it. Two very easy tips that will prepare your hair so that you can create a curly hairstyle with a great, long-lasting end result!

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