Washing Tips for Healthy Hair

If your locks have been lacking oomph, feeling dry, been unruly or have just lost their shine, some easy tress de-stress tips that you can use when washing your hair may be just what you need to get your hair healthy again.

Wash Gently

Long blonde wavy hair

While clean hair is one of the best ways to instantly revive your hair, these tips will also ensure that your locks are clean and healthy:

Use a gentle shampoo.

Only wash your hair every two days (or less if you can get away with it), so that your hair oils don’t get stripped away and can do their job of nourishing your hair naturally.

Always handle your hair and scalp carefully when washing and don't rub the shampoo into your hair, instead, gently massage it in for a better clean and to help keep hair damage to a minimum.

Always Use Conditioner

Just as clean locks are a must, so are moisturized locks. While skipping conditioner might seem like a way of saving money or to minimize your hair becoming weighed down with product, conditioner is a must if you really want healthy hair:

Daily wear and tear will wreak havoc on your locks and zap any moisture, which will cause hair frizz and lots of other hair problems, so skipping the conditioner is a big no-no.

To get the most out of your conditioner, make sure to squeeze excess water from your hair after shampooing as too much water in your locks can dilute your conditioner, cutting its effectiveness.

If wash out conditioner is too heavy for your locks, or you need an extra conditioning boost, pick up some spray in conditioner and use it on your hair daily. Focus on the driest parts of your hair (usually the ends) and you’ll have lovely, healthy locks in no time!

As you can see, washing your locks with these effortlessly easy tips in mind can help to cut the stress on your tresses and help you to enjoy healthy hair everyday, so give them a try today!

Styling Tips for Healthy Hair

If daily wear and tear has left your tresses stressed, these styling hair care tips may be just what you need to get your hair healthy again.

Look After Your Hair Brush

Hair brushes

Everyone has a hair brush (or comb), and when you use it daily on your locks, it pays to ensure that it's not going to cause any extra stress to your strands with these tips:

The best hair brush advice is to use natural bristles if available and affordable.

It's also a good idea to replace any brushes or combs that are well worn. If the bristles on your brush feel uncomfortable or rough when you brush it across your arm, bin it and get a new one.

Watch the Temperature When Heat Styling

For some, heat styling is an everyday occurrence which can lead to some very lackluster locks. To minimize the damage and help prevent future hair damage, try these tips:

Short blonde hair

Always use a heat protection product before going anywhere near your strands with a heated styling tool. Even if all you’re doing is taming your strands with a quick five minute run through with the hair straightener, the heat will fry your locks if they are unprotected.

To further minimize damage be smart with your heat styling too. Let you hair air dry as much as possible before you bust out the blow-dryer and always start with the lowest heat setting available to you. If you find you need more heat to set your style, increase the temperature but keep an eye on the time and don’t spend more than twenty minutes blow-drying at a high temperature, or more than 5 to 10 seconds with your hair wrapped around a super hot curling iron.

Some other safe blow-drying tips are to remember not to hold the dryer too close to your hair or scalp, to keep the heat moving, and to use a hair brush to help style your locks faster - and further cut down on heat styling times.

As you can see, all it takes is a few easy tips and tricks when styling your hair to help cut the stress on your tresses and help you to enjoy healthy hair, every day!