Nothing finishes off a hairstyle in the quite the same way as shiny strands. Not only do they make you hair look healthy, they also add glamour and can take an ordinary look to the next level. To achieve glossy locks the next time you style, give these hair tips a try!

Smooth Strands!

Model with a curly upstyleHair strands that are smooth is the ideal base for shiny locks. Why? Because when your strands are smooth then it makes it easier for the light around you to reflect off your locks. The most obvious way to get smooth strands is to straighten your hair using a hair straightener, but even curly locks can become shiny if the curls are styled smoothly with the help of curling iron.


Hair Styling Products

Model with long red hairWith the wealth of hair styling products available nowadays, you can buy hair shine in a bottle and just spray it into your locks! Shine enhancing products are great options to try, as are smoothing products that will work in conjunction with your hair straightener and curling iron when you style your hair.


Deep Nourishing Hair Treatments

Model with long blonde hairAs smoothness is the key to shiny hair, ensuring your locks are healthy and frizz free is a must. Using a deep nourishing hair treatment regularly, or just before any big event will get your locks into tip top condition so they can respond well to your styling, and be moisturized enough to give off some gloss.


Hair Color Help

Model with long brunette hairIf you have dark hair than half the work of an effortlessly shiny look has been done for you! Dark hair naturally reflects light, so by combining it with shine enhancing products, smooth styling and nourished strands; you're guaranteed lots of shine. If your hair isn't currently dark, consider switching to a slightly darker tone of your current hair color (if you want shiny hair all the time), using the already mentioned tips to boost the shine power of your locks, or opting for a solid, one tone color (that means no highlights) to maximize shine.