Hairstyles that you like come and go, as do hairstyle trends and fashions. But underlying all hairstyles are the following commandments. Make sure you adhere to these and you can have healthy, shiny salon hair everyday- just like the models in our hairstyle pictures!

Salon Hair Starts with a Good Haircut

Half updo hairstyleA good haircut falls into place, is simple to style and grows out well. Most importantly too a good haircut suits you hair's texture and density- sometimes even controlling frizz (if that's a problem for your hair). Good haircuts depend on experienced hairstylists, and for some tips on how to find a great salon and hairstylist have a look at “Your New Hairstylist and You.”


Salon Hair is Realistic

Short straight hairstylesIf you want your hair to look its best- like you just stepped out of a hair salon- then if it doesn't suit your hair you need to sometimes say "no" to fashion. In other words, if your hair is dead straight and fine then a perm will be a pain and possibly damage your hair; similarly, if you have black hair color then going platinum blonde will cost a fortune to maintain and could be detrimental to your hair's health.


Salon Hair isn't Packed Full of Hair Product

Long curly hairstylesThe rules of thumb when it comes to hair products are don't use too much and vary the amount depending on your hair's texture and density and the type of products used. For detailed advice see our Hairstyles blog “Top 10 Hair Product Tips.”


Learn How to Use Hair Rollers

Medium bob hairstyleUsing your hair rollers correctly will ensure your hair looks great, and with a bit of practice you can use your rollers as effectively as your hairstylist.

Here are some essential hot hair rollers tips:

  • Different sized rollers create different sized curls.
  • For perfect curls make sure you wrap your hair neatly.
  • Remove hair rollers once completely cooled.
  • Finish off by running some serum through your curls with your fingers.


Learn How to Blow-Dry

Short curly hairstyleThe key to great looking salon hair is a good blow-dry. Remember that you can burn your hair if your blow-dryer is too close to your head. You can encourage root lift by blow-drying your hair upside down, and for sleek hair keep your blow-dryer pointing downwards and guide the heat down the shaft. For these and more tips check out “Blow-Dry Tips Your Hair Can't Live Without.”


Healthy and sexy looking salon hair is completely achievable with these tips and a good daily hair care routine.