Jennifer Lopez hairstyles.I’ve been getting so frustrated lately because I just can’t seem to use my hair products correctly; I mean, no matter what I do my hair always seems heavy, weighed-down, kind of greasy and yuck. I really want the kind of volume someone like Jennifer Lopez seems to effortlessly achieve... So I’ve done a bit of a run-around the office and asked the professional hairstylists here for some tips. They helped me put together the Top 10 Hair Product Tips below. Check them out and see what you think.

  1. No matter what the product (shampoo, conditioner, mousse), use the right one for your hair type. So don’t go raiding your sister’s sticky left overs! Always ask your hairstylist for advice and get the good stuff for your hair instead.
  2. All hair products leave a residue on the hair, so just like the way you detox your body after a night on the wine use a detox shampoo for your locks.
  3. Don’t hold your hairspray too close or it’ll coat your hair thickly and you’ll risk looking like a crazy big helmet-head. About 9 inches distance is fine.
  4. You only need a small amount of shampoo, especially if you’re using a professional product (because they’re generally richer). A dollop of about 1 inch in diameter is more than enough.
  5. The key to applying your conditioner is to distribute it evenly from mid-lengths to ends. A wide-toothed comb is the ideal tool for this process. (Keep one in the shower).
  6. Heat protection spray is essential if you use heated styling products like hair straighteners, but don’t use too much! Divide your hair into a few areas and just pump a couple of sprays on each area.
  7. “Less is more” is the rule of thumb with the kinds of products that aim to add texture and shine (molding cream, clay, wax etc.). Start with a little, say about the size of a quarter, warm with your hair dryer and add more as needed.
  8. Rinse, rinse, rinse! You’d be surprised how dull, weighed-down hair is often the result of simply not rinsing out your shampoo and conditioner well enough. Spend less time daydreaming (like me) and rinse those locks thoroughly.
  9. Get your mousse right. I remember seeing my mum piling it so high in her hand each morning it looked like fairy floss. That’s crazy!! If you have medium length hair you only need about a golf ball amount.
  10. Say no to that extra bottle of wine on the weekend. Put the money towards decent hair products instead (and save the cheap stuff for high school kids).

Did I miss anything in my Top 10 Hair Product Tips? Add your own tips below.