While there are a lot of factors at play when it comes to how your hair behaves thanks to your own individual hair type, texture and lifestyle, there are still general easy hair care rules that everyone can follow to get their best hair ever!

Rule #1 - Get Regular Hair Trims

Model with blonde hair

If you want your locks to look healthy, be easy to mange and always in tip-top shape then make sure that you get regular trims!

A regular snip every 6 to 8 weeks will keep your hair at its current length and ensure your ends are neat and free from split ends.

If you're trying to grow your hair then get your trims done every 8 to 12 weeks instead.

When it comes to trimming your hair while growing it, remember not to fall into the trap of thinking that skipping the trims will give you longer hair. If you don't trim your hair then you're more likely to end up with damaged hair that is full of split ends instead of a beautiful, healthy long hair length.

Rule #2 - Only Use Hair Products That Suit Your Hair Type

Anyone who has used the wrong hair products for their hair instantly knows how frustrating it is. Washing with the wrong shampoo and conditioner can turn previously well behaved locks into frizz filled knots, or adding a heavy gel to fine hair can flatten and ruin a potentially great looking hairstyle. To ensure you get it right, remember these tips:

Know what your hair type is and only use products that are specifically designed for your hair type.

Always follow the instructions on the packaging and only ever start with the smallest amount possible. If you're using the right products for your hair but find they aren't working then it may be because you are using too much product, or not enough.

Also, don't rule out a product until you've played around with a few times and gotten used to the way it is supposed to be applied and given it the chance to work right for your hair.

Rule #3 - Start (And Stick to) a Basic Hair Care Routine

Model short straight hair

If the thought of a regular hair care routine scares you because you think it'll be too much work then think again! A basic hair care routine doesn't have to be more complicated than brushing, washing and being gentle with your hair, and I'll bet you'll find you're already doing a routine without even realizing it!

Just keep these tips in mind, or add them to your own routine at your own pace until it becomes an easy daily habit, just like brushing your teeth!

Brush Your Hair

Once in the morning to detangle, and then again at night.

Up the hair care factor by using a wide tooth comb instead of a brush (it's gentler on hair) or make sure your brush has natural bristles.

Wash Your Hair Twice a Week

If you've followed hair care rule #2 then you should be washing with the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Washing your hair twice a week means that your hair is kept nice and clean, but that the natural oils in your hair still have time to do their job, which is coat your strands and protect them. Just remember...

If you wash too often then you'll strip out your natural oils, making your hair dry and in some cases actually oilier.

If you just can't start your day without a hair wash then try just rinsing your hair in water instead, or dilute your shampoo with water before adding it to your hair so your strands are not getting a full strength wash every day.

Be Gentle With Your Locks

Model with long red hair

When brushing, washing, towel drying, heat styling, hairstyling - basically whenever you have to touch your hair with your hands, brush or hair shaping tools - always be gentle. These tips may seem basic (and even obvious) but you'd be surprised at the difference they can make to the health of your hair.

Use a soft towel to blot excess water from your hair and don't ever rub your hair.

Tie your hair back at night (and when your exercising etc) with an elastic hair band (use one without any metal sections) to help protect your hair strands from being roughed up.

Only ever comb wet hair as a hair brush is too harsh on wet strands and will cause them to snap.

Always heat style on the lowest setting possible, use heat protection products before styling and limit the use of your blow-dryer, hair straightener or hair rollers to special occasions or just a few times a week.

Only touch your hair when necessary so that you don't damage your strands or load them up with dirt and oils from your hands.

As you can see, it only takes some very basic rules and remembering some very easy hair tips to keep your hair in good shape.

If your hair is healthy and cared for, then it automatically becomes easier to manage and style and will naturally look good without a lot of effort - giving you your best hair ever!