Model with long blonde wavy hairIf you style or color your hair, or even just brush it or tie it back a lot, then chances are it’s damaged in some way. The damage can be minor with just a few common split ends here and there, or you could be constantly battling endless frizz, dry locks and breaking hair strands. Either way, hair damage is a frustrating part of life, but something that can be limited with the right hair care.

To help you keep hair damage to a minimum, and avoid it in the future; work these hair care tips into your routine.

When Styling Your Hair:

If you love nothing more than a style filled with volume then learn how to tease your hair without damaging it.

  1. Use a pin tail comb or any comb with little teeth.
  2. Don’t be rough with your hair.
  3. Grab the section that you want to tease and hold it up vertically from your head and then gently work your comb down and out of the section until you achieve the level of lift and hair volume you need.

Never try to style your hair when it’s soaking wet. Either wait for it to become damp or roughly dry with a blow-dryer.

If you find that your hair knots easily when blow-drying, use a leave in conditioner to keep your locks silky soft, and use a hair brush with soft bristles.

Use hair styling products that will protect your hair when you’re styling with your blow-dryer, hair straightener or curling iron.

When Caring for Your Hair:

Regular use of hair treatments will keep your locks hydrated and healthy. For best results using treatments:

  1. Shampoo your hair to get rid of dirt.
  2. Apply the treatment and then follow with your conditioner.

If you have oily hair, apply the treatment to your mid-lengths and ends only. For dry and processed hair, massage the treatment into your scalp to rehydrate your hair follicles.

Model with long dark blonde curly hair When it comes to controlling split ends, cutting is the only way to get rid of them. Using serums on the ends of your hair will hide damage, but won't cure it. Get regular trims, protect your hair when heat styling, and be gentle whenever your handling your hair to keep them at bay. If you’re against cutting your hair because you love the length or are trying to grow it then keep in mind that leaving split ends will only make the situation worse as they will then move up the hair shaft, which may mean that you’d have to cut off more hair than you'd like in the long run.

Hair frizz can occur naturally and is common in afro and curly hair types, or as a by-product of over-processing. You can solve fizzy hair problems by:

  1. Keeping your hair well moisturized.
  2. Using serums on the mid-lengths and ends of your hair only.
  3. Making sure your hair is completely dry before stepping out of the house as any moisture left in your locks will cause your hair to frizz as soon as you hit any humid conditions.

Using these tips when styling and caring for your hair, as well as a good daily hair care routine and gentle handing of your hair at all times, should see your locks experience the minimum amount of hair damage. Leaving your hair to look nothing short of spectacular!