The look at the awards this year was either up, or down. We've got the best of the best here, so take a look and see if you can find some styling inspiration for your next glam look!

Classic Updo
Elizabeth Banks hairstylesAmy Paffrath hairstyles

No celebrity red carpet event is complete without a classic updo. At the MTV Movie Awards this year, Elizabeth Banks (left) and Amy Paffrath (right) gave updos their best shot. Elizabeth opted for a ballerina bun, which can look harsh on some people, but on her it served to show off her beautiful face. For her updo turn, Amy gave a volume-filled ponytail a try. The curls, the side-swept bangs and the backcombing through the crown were great touches and served her look well.

Down and Loose
Nicky Hilton hairstylesHolland Roden hairstyles

If you're going to wear your hair down and loose, take your cue from these lovely ladies and ensure it has a touch of class. It may not look like Nicky Hilton (left) had done a lot to her hair, but to get her locks this super straight and frizz free takes some effort! The centre hair part is also a great touch. As for her down and loose look, Holland Roden (right) invoked a little retro vibe with some nice soft waves. Matching some red lipstick with her copper locks was the perfect finishing touch.

Modern Updo
Nikki Reed hairstylesKirsten Prout hairstyles

These great modern updos from Nikki Reed and Kirsten Prout looked great on the red carpet. Nikki's (left) look was very relaxed and loose, while Kirsten (right) went for a slightly more structured finish, but still keep it low-key with a cool side styled bun.