Even with professional hairstylists on the payroll, celebrities can still fall victim to a bad 'do. Lucky for us mere mortals, we can learn a lesson from their styling mistakes and ensure we don't follow suit!

Two-Tone Hair Color Extreme

Ciara hairstyles While it appears Ciara intended to give ombré hair color a try, her finish looks less like a natural, stylistic color choice and more like she's left her root color touch ups way too long between appointments! The lesson here is to be more faithful to the color trend you're following. Ombré hair color should be a seamless, natural mix of flattering color tones, and this result is just too harsh to be enjoyed.


Volume in the Wrong Areas

Carolyn Hennesy hairstylesWhile adding volume to your look is a must for some, especially those with fine hair, if you add volume in the wrong areas you can risk looking like Carolyn Hennesy. The balance and shape of her short hairstyle has been destroyed by too much volume through her crown. Always keep your hair volume in check and ensure it doesn't ruin the finish of your look.


Tressing Too Old

Miley Cyrus hairstylesThere are styling options that flatter, then there are ones that just don't work. Take this mid-length 'do from Miley Cyrus for example. It adds about twenty years to her look - which actually isn't a good thing! If you want a flattering hairstyle that will look good at the event, and when you look back at photos in a few years time, ensure your style is age appropriate and doesn't add or take years away from you.


Sporting a Stale Style

Jennifer Lopez hairstylesWhile some might argue it's all about cultivating a trademark look or sticking with what works best for you, always styling your hair the same way or wearing the same look year after year (á la Jennifer Lopez) is just boring! It doesn't even have to be a huge hairstyle change, just a slight difference in length or throwing your hair into an updo if you always wear it down and vice versa breathes new life into your locks and your look.