There's no better time of year to flaunt a new look than when you've got occasions galore, and with Christmas and New Years just a few weeks away, the time to find those great new looks is now!

Flawless Foundation
Brunette model with flawless foundationBrunette model with flawless foundation

No matter the type of occasion or whether it's day or night, flawless foundation is a must! The perfect base for enhancing your skin tone and showing off all other makeup starts and ends with these great tips:

  1. Make sure your skin is clean and well moisturized. It's also a great idea to apply a primer to help smooth your skin and keep your foundation in place for longer.
  2. Ensure the color you've picked is a match for your skin tone.
  3. Blend, blend, blend. Blend your foundation into your skin, blend it around your eyes, nose, lips, hairline and neck. Don't forget to also take it down your neck and across your chest so that your face and neck color looks even.

Shimmery, Smokey Eye Shadow
Copper model with smokey eyesCopper model with smokey eyes

The perfect look for a night-time event is shimmery, smokey eyes. Try gunmetal grey if your skin has pink undertones or bronze and copper eye shadow for a sexy style on warm and dark complexions.

  1. Blend a champagne or taupe colored eye shadow over your entire lid.
  2. Take a medium colored grey, bronze or copper eye shadow and blend it over your lower eyelid and into your eye socket, winging it out in line with the end of your eyebrow as shown (above right).
  3. Take a shimmery shadow or eyeliner pencil and apply it on the inner corner of your eye, top and bottom.

Glamorous Eyelashes
Brunette model with fake eyelashesBrunette model with fake eyelashes

If your holiday events include lots of socializing then make the most of the face time with some attention drawing eyes. Fake lashes (or a good dose of mascara) is the perfect way to highlight your eyes. If using fake lashes, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Line your upper eyelid with eyeliner in the same color as your fake lash so the eyelash blends in.
  2. Don't be afraid to try a glamorous lash, just don't go overboard- it's not Halloween!

Nude Lips
Blondette model with nude lipsBlondette model with nude lips

If the majority of your holiday makeup is high on the wow factor then compliment it with a nice, natural nude lip.

  1. The best way to get nude lips that are flattering is to find a lipstick color that closely resembles the color on the inside of your lip.
  2. Team your nude lipstick with a nude, light pink or skin tone colored lip liner so your lips have some definition.
  3. Add some sparkle with a slick of lip gloss.

To find a hairstyle to match your holiday makeup and complete your seasonal look, check out our range of hairdos and then try the virtual hairstyles and virtual makeup with your own photo!