While it might be easy to spot when a hair and makeup look is wrong, mistakes can happen to the best of us- even celebrities with stylists on hand! Ensure you don't end up with a look you'll regret by keeping these hair and makeup don'ts in mind.

Don't Color Match Blush & Eye Shadow

Christa B Allen hairstylesWhile a great look can be achieved by using makeup colors that complement each other, using the same colored eye shadow and blush often ends in a color mess similar to this look. For much more flattering finish, use makeup shades from the same family that are lighter or darker on your eyes than your cheeks or vice-versa - never the same actual color.


Don't Choose the Wrong Hair Color

Holland Taylor hairstylesThe wrong hair color not only gives you an unflattering skin tone, it also has an impact on your overall look, can age you beyond your years and bring down your makeup and hairstyle. The right hair color should bring your complexion to life, look natural (or at least flattering), and ensure your hair strands look healthy and shiny. If your current hair color doesn't do that, then find a color that will.


Don't Overdo Your Look

Amy childs hairstylesUnless you really, really want to be the centre of attention, or it's halloween, we don't recommend copying this hairstyle or makeup look. From the mile high beehive to the harsh blush, over-the-top fake lashes and layers of eyeliner, this look is everything that you shouldn't do.


Don't Underdo Your Look

Jessica Lange hairstylesWhile a look that is too overdone is out, a look that is underdone is also a big no-no. If your makeup is so light it doesn't look like you're wearing any, and if your hair looks the same after you've styled it as it did when you got out of bed, then it's time to take your makeup and hairstyling habits to a higher level of application.