Model with long brown hairAn easy hair and beauty habit involves taking a small and simple process (for example, brushing your hair) and ensuring that you complete the process regularly. It could be every day, it could be twice a week, it could be once a month, just as long as you make the effort to perform the process consistently and regularly.

After a few weeks the process then becomes a habit, and before you know it, washing your face every day or applying a hair treatment every Sunday is just part of your life. Your hair and skin are better off because of it, and the extra 5 to 10 minutes your new habit adds to your routine is hardly the chore you once thought it would be.

Sounds easy enough, right? It really is! And you can start making these very simple yet effective hair and beauty habits a part of your lifestyle as quickly as today. All you need to do is choose just one of the following habits to incorporate into your daily, weekly or monthly beauty routine. Then, once you’ve got that habit mastered and it's become second nature, try adding another one and so on until you’ve reached the hair and beauty goals that are right for you.

Easy Hair and Beauty Habits

Pick one hair washing day a week to treat your hair. Start by shampooing your hair as normal, then once you’ve rinsed out your shampoo, add a hair treatment for 1 to 5 minutes, rinse it and then condition your hair as normal. It’s just a simple tweak to your routine that will make a big difference.

Moisturize your skin every day after you shower or bathe. It should only take you 5 to 10 minutes, and the glowing skin you’ll have as a result of regular moisturizing is well worth the effort.

Exfoliate your face every Monday (or a day of your choosing). Regular exfoliation removes trapped dirt and renews your skin, giving you a healthy glow and making it easier to get a flawless foundation finish.

Moisturize your hands and feet before getting into bed. Team the moisturizer with socks and gloves to help it penetrate deep into your skin as you sleep, and enjoy fabulously soft hands and feet in the morning!

Model running brush through hair Brush your hair after you brush your teeth at night. By brushing your hair at night, you’ll loosen any dirt that might have gathered in your locks while out in the elements during the day, and you’ll also distribute your natural hair oils throughout your hair. This in turn will moisturize and protect your strands.

Switch to a shampoo and conditioner range that includes UV filters to protect your locks.

Wash and moisturize your face at least once a day. While the ideal skin care routine involves washing, toning and moisturizing day and night, if you really can’t stick to such a routine then try just washing and moisturizing in the morning. When you see the difference it makes to the health and appearance of your skin, use it as motivation to wash and moisturize at night too.

Choose one day a week where you go makeup and hair product free to give your hair and skin a break.

Switch to using a comb instead of a brush, or buy a brush with natural bristles and commit to only using that when styling your hair.

Master one easy hairstyle, such as a half up half down hairstyle, a ponytail or top knot updo and choose one day a week to wear your hair in that style. Not only will you become a pro at styling that particular look, but you’ll also have a different look at least one day a week to break up your styling routine and give yourself a confidence boost.

Switch to a body moisturizer that has sunscreen added. It’ll protect your skin and slow down the aging process.

Check your eyebrows every day and pluck any stray hairs. The brows, after all, are the frame for your face and have the power to make or break your look.

Model applying a face mask Apply a face mask once a month. Pick the first day of the month or the last (or any other date you know you’ll remember) and take 10 minutes to apply a face mask that is suitable for your skin type. With regular use, you should see an improvement in the appearance and tone of your complexion.

Get into the habit of adding a hint of blush to your cheekbones. Even if it’s the only makeup you apply, it’ll give you a pretty glow that flatters your features and ensures you looked refreshed even if you’re not feeling all that energetic.

By trying any number of these hair and beauty habits, and teaming them with your own suggestions, you should see a noticeable improvement in your hair and skin without having to resort to a lot of hard work and effort. Just remember to keep the habits easy and to stick with them for a few weeks to give yourself enough time to see the big difference just a few small changes can make.