Nothing brings a look together like flawless makeup and a beautiful looking hair color. To see how you can create a great look no matter the occasion, combine these makeup color suggestions with your blonde hair.

Model with natural foundationModel with natural foundation

Your foundation should look natural so choose a shade that matches your skin tone and won’t clash or look unnatural against your light hair color.

Eye Shadow
Model with pink eye shadowModel with shimmer eye shadow

Matt nudes may create a low-key look but they can make blondes look washed out. Instead, opt for shimmery eye shadows. Pale pinks, mauve browns, gold and champagne tones are also flattering options.

Makeup tip: make sure your eyes stand out with eyeliner and mascara. Choose brown options for a softer, more subtle look, or black for definition.

Model with peach blushModel with pink blush

A splash of blush on your cheeks can really bring out the best in your complexion. Try sheer berry tinges, pink flushes of color or peachy-pinks.

Model with pink lipstickModel with pink lipstick

Subtle, natural tones look great on blondes, so try light pink, peach and rose tinted lipstick. Red lipstick is also a great option for special occasions.

One final tip, avoid heavy, dark or bold tones as they could clash with the lightness of your locks or make you look washed out. Also, try to play up one feature at a time. For example, just your lips or your just your eyes.

To see how you'd look with any of the blonde hairstyles pictured in this article, click on the above images to try the virtual hairstyle with your own photo!